Random Musing – On Timelines, Pre-expansion Doldrums and how I’d spend the expansion budget before the expansion

On our way home tonight, fog slowed down the journey and so to distract from the frustration, we got to talking about WoW. Primarily as is perhaps common these days, we discussed the lack of content and this post was born of that.

I wanted to think of ways in which we could have content without distracting too much from the focus of Warlords so this is a rough version of what would happen in the doldrums between now and the expansion if I were in charge (and they gave me lots of money).

For the purposes of this, the events of War Crimes have taken place and Garrosh, that naughty Elf/Dragon and Wrathion are currently lost in time and space. Chromie being that sort of Dragon is desperate to put things right but obviously this doesn’t go particularly well and whilst she keeps assuring your group that she’s tracked down Garrosh and opened a portal to his location, when you arrive on the other side…. well it’s a different story altogether.

Perhaps you’ve zoned into Icecrown Citadel, only this is another timeline and it’s Jaina who sits on the Lich’s frozen throne, having first murdered her innocent prince. Maybe you find yourself a top Blackrock Mountain but instead of finding Nefarion lounging on his chair admiring the view, you find his sister laughing over his corpse because after all if you could choose between a palace and a cave… Imagine a timeline in which Keristrasza managed to slay Malgyos herself, ruling in his stead as consort elect and rather than ending her misery, your mission was to restore balance and free her. Maybe that baby fire elemental from the Fire Festival would have the last laugh and turn up as the end boss of Molten Core.

The fights would remain essentially the same merely scaled up and yes, there would need to be model changes/voice acting but balance that against the whining, the people threatening to quit and the lack of people on-line at the moment and I wonder whether it would work out worth it. Not to mention the fact that the possibilities could be limitless, even Hogger could become the Lich King in one reality or another and who wouldn’t want to see that?

Naturally Chromie would be apologetic that she’d got it wrong but since you’re there, you might as well kill whatever is facing you and hope to fix another strand of the time line whilst getting awesome loot. Plus you would arrive at the boss you were going to fight, so you wouldn’t have to drag yourself through eight side bosses and 1000 trash packs because Chromie isn’t that much of a sadist.

Of course there would need to be items but then that could be as simple as taking all the iconic loot from specific fights and scaling it up to whatever item level would motivate people. You could also have vanity items and /or battle pets which would only be obtainable whilst the pre expansion event was in progress to add icing to the carrot on a stick. The Jaina as Lich Queen encounter for example could drop a sort of mirror which when clicked on would spawn a reflection of Jaina in her Lich state to follow you around whispering those who target her with suitably nasty things about how their blood will freeze or Onyxia in Blackwing Lair could give a whelping pet in the style of lil’ Tarecgosa.

The reward for “fixing” all the timelines in pursuit of Garrosh and co would of course net you a suitably adorable lil’Chromie battle pet which (out of combat) be able to switch into a Gnome for 10 minutes every hour and would wander around after you talking science. There would also be achievements to pursue and maybe a title to show that you’ve surfed the twisting nether and come out of it relatively unhurt.

If you had access to Blizzard’s budget how you would fill the content void between now and the release of Warlords?

13 Responses

  1. o.O They really should hire you. That all sounds pretty awesome.

    • Ty. I suspect I’m more productive on the way home from work than I am in the 8 hours I spend pretending actually doing stuff I get paid to do.

  2. I would love to play those scenarios (or Scenarios, as the case may be) and get those battle pets!

    • Thanks.
      I’d just like something new to do. Tonight I logged on, went to the Timeless Isle on Snowflower, killed two elites, logged on to my little warlock and traveled from Stormwind to somewhere in STV. All the time I could hear my Mother’s voice saying “Only the boring get bored” but I just couldn’t think of any aspect of the game I felt like immersing myself in.

  3. It really wouldn’t be hard to make Jaina into a Lich Queen — just color swap her robes to black/blue/silver, toss on a Crown of Eternal Winter, and done! And she would look pretty darn awesome.

  4. Once again, I really wish you worked there as this idea sounds great. This is the first time I’ve really got the wow doldrums so anything added that would involve pet drops would help a lot. And oh how I’d love to see Jaina as a Lich.

    • Ty. The possibilities would be endless. We could end up fighting Aggra in the Siege of Orgrimmar or Kael’thas in any dungeon you care to mention because everything else was “just a setback”.

  5. Love it. Agree with all the above. The only thing I would change is if I could RP with the NPCs more, and have more interactive dialogue. But if Jaina moves to ICC, I’ll be right by her side.

  6. […] Or perhaps our friendship is worth more than fake AH gold. Regardless, I owe him one. I also owe Erinys for this great idea – an Azerothian Time Machine. Ah, lovely fantasy. And I owe Hawt for her patience and friendship once […]

  7. I love these ideas. And I just don’t think it would take them that much time either, since most of it is already there. It’s such a shame that we end up with the amount of down time that we do between expansions. And this time around it seems to be heading towards the longest one so far. (At this point I’m doubting anything before a December release, since the Alpha hasn’t even started yet.)

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