On boxes for Toys – Thoughts on Toyboxes in Warlords

This is my toybox. It’s traveled across Europe and the UK and is currently housed in our attic. These days it no longer holds toys but it’s one of those pieces of furniture which encapsulates so much about my childhood, I don’t see myself ever managing to throw it out. I’ve hidden inside it, turned it into a massive dolls house and stored my study notes for my degree in it. It currently holds winter clothes and is just waiting for me to finish scrapping off all those stickers.

Therefore it’s perhaps not a huge surprise that one of the things I’m most interested in with the Warlords Alpha is Blizzard’s long promised toy box. So far we have only seen screen caps but just having a fraction of the items currently littering up my bags safely stored elsewhere can only be a massive upgrade for the game. I did a bit of testing across various characters and discovered that I have far too many bag slots taken up by vanity items, with the vast majority of Snowflower’s bank slots being consumed by items like Gnomeregan Pride and Direbrew’s remote. On Dulcamara alone, my Monk made a year ago I have over 16 slots filled with fun but mostly pointless stuff.  Obviously until the game goes live and we get the final list, we can’t be sure how many of these items will vanish from our bags but I’ve reached the point where I’ll be grateful for any returned bag slots.

The other reason I’m looking forward to this feature is a slightly more practical one, there are plenty of these items out there, whether quest rewards or random drops that I might not know about and having a handy list whilst taking that serendipitous feeling out of acquiring things, helps ensure you track down everything you are interested in.

Obviously this is still the Alpha and we are potentially along away off the final toybox, I would like to see quest rewards like Jin Warmkeg’s Brew and the Cooking School Bell make it onto the list. However having a place to store all the Archaeological items and the items from the Timeless Isle will be a massive advantage alone. I’m also glad that items like the Mushroom Chair from Cataclysm and the Rituals of the New Moon from Wrath have also made the box because it would have been too easy just to put in bits and bobs from MoP onwards. The fact that the first engineering transportation trinkets have made the list gives me hope that the rest will follow suit and with any luck between now and launch, we can work with Blizzard to put together a comprehensive list of things which should be tucked away in the toybox.

A complete list of items encluded so far can be found in this thread on MMO-Champion or here on WoWhead.

7 Responses

  1. I still hope they make the Time-Lost Figurine into a toy.

    • Me too. Actually I hope they make all the quest items/fun items etc fit in. My only concern is that if they do, it will limit even further the replay factor of things like holiday events because you don’t need to farm x on a new alt. For example all my characters get the romantic picnic basket but with the toybox they might not need to.

  2. I haven’t made a count yet of how many slots I’ll save on my account, I’m leaving it as a surprise but I’m the same way. I’m looking forward to not only reclaiming some well-needed bag space but looking forward to collecting the items I don’t have. Sadly, I’ve deleted a lot of the arch ones on Cymre but at least I can collect them again on other toons.

    • I’m going to compile a list of things I hope they add but even if only a faction of the items I’d like makes the list, it’s a winner. I’m torn between it being account wide and not though.

      • I’m relying on an account-wide collection since some of my alts have some of the quest rewards my main doesn’t have anymore – like the puntable marmot. Not to mention the arch items I’ll have to farm on my alts.

  3. This can’t come a moment too soon, not all my characters are collectors but Cat more than makes up for the rest of them. She won’t let go of anything.

    • Me too. I struggle to throw things out because they might come in handy at some point somewhere far in the distant future!

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