Wildstar – My Beginnings

Having had a fairly depressing week at work I thought I’d reward myself with Wildstar so this weekend I’ve been alternating between sunning myself in the great outdoors and exploring on my Aurin.

My plan is to take my time, Teasel my little Esper is after all an Explorer and therefore needs to climb every tree and swim in every pond, lake and sea. No hill is safe from her bouncing and every single mushroom will be used as trampoline. This naturally slows down the leveling process but should allow me to get a good grasp of the world I’m currently inhabiting.

Not only am I getting ideas for the sort of decor I would like in my house to be but I’ve also been hit by a fairly naughty bug. When I was younger, I loved Dolls Houses decorating them and also making them from scratch for myself but also for friends and family. Therefore the urge to try and recreate an Aurin house as a Dolls House is too much to ignore. The devil as always is in the details so I’m grabbing as many screenshots of things I feel might be useful to recreate like those lovely flowers in their plant pots which is slowing me down even more than climbing mountains.

One thing I have found really interesting so far is that in quick succession, I met not one but three potentially interesting female characters in the shape of Queen Myala Evenstar, Avra Darkos and Belle Walker all in the start zone. Sure they might suddenly develop boyfriends or die in strange circumstances but it was a refreshing beginning, especially after the whole having to save someone’s wife as a hors d’oeuvre.
I am still playing WoW albeit currently rather offhandedly. I have my various projects lined up that I want to finish which include getting my Warlock to 90 and green fire before the expansion hits as well as farming myself a spot more gold and sorting out transmogrifications to go with those swords I mentioned a little while ago. The lure of Alpha information is also whetting my appetite for Orcs ever so slightly but everyone needs a vacation and this is mine.

6 Responses

  1. It’s nice to take a break for awhile 🙂 I’ve also been playing, but with a guest pass. I’m paying both sides, both fun in different ways. What do you think of the combat? I prefer the more classic feel Wow has, but it’s not horrible. I think combat would be the biggest deal breaker for me. I really want to see the housing but I doubt I get there before my pass runs out! Anyhow, nice to see you enjoying the game.

  2. I’m enjoying it now that I’ve found a better fit with a class, for whatever reason the Stalker turned out to be my favorite so far. Can’t figure that out as I don’t like melee usually. My problem is I want all the professions, lol. Which probably means a few more characters.

    • I’m going architect I think, haven’t really looked into any of the other professions. I’m a bit single minded about my prospective house at the moment.

  3. I’ve been playing WildStar a bit this weekend as well, and while not an Explorer, I seem to get slowed down anyway. As a Settler I want to click every little Settler thing I can find… Which adds up quickly since a lot of them seem to be repeatable!

    • I’m already level 8 and yet I haven’t really started Woodhaven yet, done loads of bouncing and exploring though. At this rate, it will be weeks before I hit house level.

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