Pre Warlords to do List – It’s Panic Time!

So we have three months almost to the day and it’s time to start panicking in this neck of the woods.

My list can essentially be broken down into 2 parts:

  • Things which having played the Beta I feel are things I want to have achieved
  • Things which would be nice to have but won’t make a huge difference either way

I am however trying to keep both lists relatively short to save myself getting distracted.

  1. Level a Warlock to 90 and attempt to get Green Fire. I’ve no idea how possible this is, leveling itself won’t be an issue as I have multiple Warlocks to choose from but whether I can level, gear to a decent enough standard and beat the boss in time I’m not sure.
  2. Acquire as many of the items on the Toy Box List as possible. Due to the sheer size of this, I’ll probably do a separate post or series chronicling my attempts to achieve this.
  3. Sort out Snowflower’s transmogrification requiring items from UBRS asap as the dungeon will clearly be changing prior to Warlords being released.
  4. Attempt to get Dulcamara to the end of the Brawler’s Guild. She’s rank 7 at the moment but has received a few upgrades since my last attempt at beating the fight she was stuck on. If I keep failing as a Mistweaver, I will try speccing dps to have a go.

My focus with List Two is more to keep things ticking over, for example when I’m running UBRS I’ll try and remember to use a tabard to finish up my Panda Rep and whenever the Faire rolls into town, I’ll do a couple of dailies and my profession quests.

  1. 60 exalted reputations on Snowflower. Whilst this would be great before November, there are new reputations coming with the expansion and I’m not missing that many.
  2. Enough Darkmoon Faire tokens tucked away to purchase the new clothing coming with the expansion.
  3. Farm the other 8000 Dinosaur bones I need for the White Raptor. Riding it on the Beta has shown me how lovely it is.
  4. Farm around 300 Oshu’gun Crystal Powder to get the two Halaa mounts. I have the kill tokens I need so slaughtering some Ogres in practice for the expansion should be easy enough.

I’m sure there are a thousand and one other things but to begin with at least, these eight should keep me out of mischief.

3 Responses

  1. I really want that White Raptor but as yet no one is showing the fortitude to acquire the bones. I hope whoever is doing it for you shows more initiative!

  2. […] repeatedly, “Do not worry. Do not stress. Real life over Azeroth. Repeat.” Erinys at Harpy’s Nest made a comprehensive to-do list I may emulate. I needs me […]

  3. Tips:

    1.1. Sparkuggz did a great video guide for boosted lvl 90 warlocks and green fire quest.

    1.3. Remembder to check Razorfen Kraul loots – maybe you find some pieces worth transmogging. RFK will be revamped for WoD (AFAIK) and probably those items won’t be available again. (like Scholo and Scarlet dungeons in MoP)

    1.4. For Brawler’s, You can try do to “Know Your Deck” achieve too. I know nothing about possibilities doing it in WoD, but farming these items is rather long and somewhat boring, and involves some of MoP content (like Halfhill farm).

    2.4. Remember that Oshu’gun Powders stack to 100 and are UNIQUE (100) – so no more powders after that.

    Good luck and have fun! ^^

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