The Brewfest and the Toybox: A Word of Warning

Despite wanting to fill my forthcoming Toybox as quickly as possible, I nearly made a silly and rather sloppy error. Yes, I committed that cardinal sin of assuming I had done something when the truth turned out to be the opposite. There are currently three items available from the Brewfest which will fit into the Toybox:

and now is the time to ensure you have them all. Don’t be like me who had three of one across various characters and none of the other two!



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this. I just started a new character and was wondering if I had to get the Brewfest toys all over again.

    Also, it seems you can only do the Brew of the Month quest on one toon, as I get an “already completed” message when I try to accept in on a second character.

    • Np and thanks for mentioning about the Brew of the Month. I have a surfeit of tokens and was wondering what to do with them. Guess I have to rule the Brew of the Month out.

  2. Clarification on Brew of the Month: they changed it, maybe last year, that once you get it on a character, that character now has it forever. No need to renew annually. So you still need to get the quest for every toon you want it for.

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