First Thoughts on 6.0.2

Patch days always fill me with foreboding, especially those which herald the end of an expansion. We know that as the sun goes down on the current incarnation of the game, that in a sense we have to learn anew and regardless of how positive those changes are, that always floods me with nervousness.


The addition of new faces for old and familiar characters was a huge issue for me but somehow it’s worked out okay. My Gnomes have attitude by the bucket load of malfunctioning engineering gizmos and my Nightelf Priest, well she looks distinctly holier than thou now. A few hairstyles will need changing and I think my Monk and I will need a while to get reacquainted but nothing I can’t deal with. The Toybox and the reagent bank have proved invaluable. I actually have bag space.. something almost unheard of for me and across all my characters I seem to have wracked up 68 toys so now everyone can wreck trains and plant sinister blue dolls places.

No, the thing which has bothered me most about everything I’ve experienced today has to be Nethergarde Keep, that almost forgotten outpost lurking in the Blasted Lands.


I know war is meant to be bloody and horrible, but this just seemed a step too far. For the first time since Theramore I’m angry, angry that another town was lost and I could nothing to save it. Angry that NPCs who have been apart of our journey through WoW since the very beginning are once again broken and bloodied amidst burning buildings and battered brick. Sure I now have another title and a new pet but that’s not enough. Poisoning Ogres helped but they aren’t the real enemy. In a way that the Lords of War clips couldn’t, this brief little quest chain has left me wishing to rain destruction down on the Iron Hordes.


5 Responses

  1. I keep finding more toys hidden in bags every time I login. And speaking of faces I need to see how my young Gnome turned out.

    I know, I hate the desire they seem to have to raze a zone at the end of each expansion. It makes it hard for my leveling alts to navigate through zones avoiding areas that will make me sad.

  2. I did it Horde side (Alliance will come) and honestly didn’t feel terribly connected. Of course it could be due to the fact that Thrally Sue is right at the front again barking orders. Having said that, Khadgar was a sweet surprise.

    But, thus far, I’m definitely hoping for more to the “invasion.” I am thus far underwhelmed, though my lack of connection to the game in recent months means I am truly oblivious to what else may or may not be in store before Nov. 11.

    • I think we were saved by Varian’s absence. It was all angry Paladins and Khadgar and random SI:7 people for us. Made it better I think.

      • That was my thought while watching Mrs. Amateur do it. And it gives you the impression Blizzard really is doing something with Maraad this time around.

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