All I want for Hallows End is ….

Tomorrow heralds the start of my favourite WoW holiday, Hallows End and I’ve got my fingers crossed that these two little no longer alive kittens have made into the festivities. I know the game is already loaded with cats, especially when compared to dogs but still.. you can’t have too many ghost cats can you?

widget1 widget2
birman1 birman2

In fact I could forgo all the other bits and bobs, the apple ducking, the skeletons hanging on cupboards and even the Headless Horseman if only they make it into the game this year. Please Blizzard, after all I’ve been a good little Priest (honest!).

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for this, I now know to check and see if they’re available because if they are I’ve got to have them!

  2. Yet, I think I’d have to have one. Even name it Sprinklepuffs.

  3. Thank you Erinys!

  4. […] I sure do know that I appreciate Erinys alerting me to this great news!  There are two new kitty cats for Hallow’s End this year, and ponies be damned, full battle […]

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