A Holy Priest and a Protection Warrior walk into the Firelands: Cataclysm content as a pair post patch

One interesting change brought about by the recent patch was the ease with which Cataclysm raid content has become accessible.


So a Holy Priest and a Protection Warrior walk into the Firelands… it might sound like a bad joke but it turned out to be both profitable and interesting. I started off the legendary staff chain just because it’s there and then we began trying normal 10 man to see how far we could go.


As it turned out, all the way to the end was the answer to that. I found myself with mixed feelings at the end though, the fights were far too easy given that five levels go, this was current content. I know some people could solo certain fights when it was current content but they were the exception not the rule. I barely had to do any healing whatsoever, instead just smiting away. We also didn’t have to bother with anything which could even vaguely be called strategy. In fact I’m not sure we could have failed regardless of what we did. Sure, the Heroic and 25 man versions might be much harder but somehow I doubt it. Running the Sunwell as two was a challenge even at the end of Cataclysm which made it fun, whereas was  this was more walk in the park territory.


As a follow up, we decided to try the Dragon Soul again on 10 man normal and again managed with no real issues. We might have benefited from reading up on some of the fights before hand, especially the Spine of Deathwing encounter but at least Blizzard were kind enough to provide an achievement for those too lazy to do research. The lack of trash made the Dragon Soul a lot less profitable than the Firelands but it’s a far nicer dungeon from a visual perspective and really anything beats actually heading to the Isle of Giants and fighting Warlocks, Rogues and Hunters for Giant Dinosaur Bones.

I suspect that Mr Harpy (Prot warrior) could easily have soloed both instances with perhaps the Spine of Deathwing being the only issue but with trial and error I bet that’s doable too. As a Holy Priest my mileage would vary, not convinced I have enough output for anything with an enrage timer but think some fights would be doable. So if you want to finish or start either the Dragonwrath or the Fangs of the Father quest lines now is probably a good time to do it.

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  1. Hmm — been thinking about trying to solo Firelands 10 up through Baleroc to get the Mage lookalike shoulders for my Priest. D’you think that would be doable? My Priest is Disc/Holy and I’ve always used Disc as her “DPS” spec for questing — not sure how Penance compares to Power Word: Chastise in the DPS department since the patch, though.

    • I think if you’re not in a hurry, it should definitely be doable. My issue is one of patience and doing 50 percent of the damage of a prot warrior is just depressing but I can’t see any reasons why you it shouldn’t be doable. Healing is so not needed, you can just focus on nuking and nothing I do at the moment seems to strain my mana pool so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

    • I soloed up to Staghelm as a Resto Druid. Yes, you read that correctly. A Resto Druid. Then I wiped on Staghelm repeatedly because I just couldn’t kill him fast enough. Went Boomkin, which I haven’t used in about 6-9 months, and just derped my way to a full clear. Even Ragnaros was completely trivial.

  2. I returned to WoW and boosted a warlock over the weekend so the first place my friend (on his warlock) wanted to go and two-man was Firelands. I had never been there before so I was totally in tourist mode just taking in the place. But I totally understand how you feel about the content not being that old.

    • We tried heroic 10 man next and my husband’s prot warrior solo’d Rag after I died to stupid.. which is just wrong I think. However it’s good gold so I suppose I shouldn’t whine too loudly.

  3. I haven’t tried soloing anything in there besides Alysrazor for the mount. Maybe I’ll have to broaden my scope!

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