Merrily We roll along into the last days of Pandaria

The expansion is so close, we can almost reach out and touch it. Am I organised? Well I’ve been tasked with planning Garrisons for all mine and Mr Harpy’s alts which had led to lots of happy little lists and diagrams but I suspect I’ll still be changing things right up until Warlords is live. We won’t be starting leveling in any proper fashion until Friday night due to Mr Harpy’s work schedule so from the expansion going live til then, I’ll just be setting up Garrisons for all the alts and doing any final preparations like making sure we have enough easy to eat food.

I have gold, more I think than I have had at the start of any other expansion but probably still less than most people.

I also managed to get myself a bone white primal raptor because given that we can’t fly in Draenor clearly I needed a new ground mount:


So that’s another thing off the list.

Finally and perhaps more importantly, I’ve actually got around to buying the expansion and using my free 90. Therefore I’d like to introduce Merrymaker Merrily, fire Mage and all around pest.


She’s at her merriest when setting other sentient beings on fire, is looking forward to Ashran and hopes her Garrison comes with some sort of ceremonial fireplace for the immolating of invaders and cremating of critters. Some how I suspect she’s going to be disappointed. In fact the only thing I need to get done by the 13th is come up with a suitably fiery transmog for her, perhaps incorporating the blazing wings.


9 Responses

  1. Grats on that raptor! I finally, finally go that done too. Mage is one class I don’t think I’ll ever get to 100 but you never know.

    • Without the free boost, not sure I would have either. I like the class and have a level 85 Frost Mage kicking about somewhere but I struggle to level it.

  2. I think Merrily will be happy. There are many things worthy of flame to be found (including obsolete To-Do lists). Enjoy!

  3. Nice Raptor!

    I think we’re all in that double-checking that we’ve done everything in time for the expansion, but since it’s only three days away there really isn’t much left we can do. Just sit on our hands and try not to jump up and down. 🙂

    • It doesn’t matter how organised I am, I always feel I’ve forgotten something really important, as if the lists lie or something. Sitting still isn’t something I’m good at either but will try, will try.

  4. Seems everyone has the same idea with the white raptor mount. Grats on your new mage. A fiery set sounds good to me.

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