When Worlds collide

I paid a visit to the Kirkwall Chantry recently…somewhat disappointed by the lack of men in armour wielding broadswords but it was a really beautiful building.


It did however get me thinking about different game worlds and how they reflect on the world around us. There are some similarities between Kirkwall the real place and Kirkwall the virtual one, both are located by the sea and both have religious buildings as a focal point but there is a distinct lack of chains (at least in the areas we visited) in the Scottish version.

Looking at art work like this, (one of the loading screens from Dragon Age II).


It doesn’t require a huge imaginative leap to contemplate that perhaps the designers also had the “real” Kirkwall in mind with it’s Cathedral named for  Magnus Erlendsson (St Magnus) when they decided to call the “City of Chains”, Kirkwall.

In fact, the Orkney Islands seem full of virtual gaming references as seen in the picture below:


Here we can clearly see a Gnome leaving a Dwarfish dwelling (or not).

I know it’s been a long time since I posted last and if I’m being honest, I have no idea if I’m back. It turns out that I was “not prepared” for Post-natal depression, in fact I imagine it was the real world equivalent of fighting C’thun, Ragnaros versions 1 & 2, the Lich King and 4 Horde raids all at the same time whilst in the Suppression rooms from Blackwing Lair.

In an ideal world, I would like to start posting at least once a fortnight (folder full of drafts, half written stories and I’m still finishing the last Dragon Age) and intend on returning to the game at some point prior to the next expansion going live. In the real world…who knows.

8 Responses

  1. Glad to see you around again. I’m sorry to hear about your post-natal depression and hope that you continue to recover and feel better all the time. (hug)

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

  2. Hey, great to see a post from you Erinys. Take all the time you need, we’ll still be here. 🙂

  3. Stupid real life depression boss. It was great to hear from you again and it was amazing that you caught a glimpse of that little Gnome!

    • I know, couldn’t believe my eyes. Must have been a rare spawn!

    • I second Tome: remember you are not alone, you used up the chemical and physical equivalent of world building, so be kind to yourself. Been there, done that, still not sure I’m over it 21+years later. 🙂 (You probably didn’t want to hear that–but really, it’s okay!)

      • Thanks!!!

        I think I’m mostly mad at myself for sinking into a fairly good impression of female WoW character…if my son was in-game, he’d probably be destined to do wonderful things with a suicidal mother weeping and wailing in the background. I am obviously a lot better now but how I felt in the immediate aftermath scared the hell out of me (and a lot of other people).

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