Post Patch Positives

And perhaps the odd negative.

First up, I’m “Fabulous”. Who knew I was hoarding that many items of clothing. With the exception of my Shaman, everyone else is hiding shoulders and is likely to be doing so for the foreseeable future. I’ve also found so many things I didn’t know I had like the scythe off Ahune and the Blessed Leggings of Undead Slaying.

The changes to the Toybox have given me lots more bag spaces as well as the Robo-Gnomebulator.

Gnome Hunters…every baby Gnome I encountered at the start zone had a mechanical Bunny in tow.

Snow has decided to go back to her roots. The achievement for Benediction has made her very happy, even to the point that she let Sprout transmogrify Anathema.


Playing a Holy Priest today though felt a lot less fun than yesterday. Now part of that is definitely the content I’ve been doing, we did heroic UBRS as a Protection Warrior/Holy Priest duo and then did a couple of the Pandaria raids with the same combination. Mana really wasn’t really an issue even when someone pulled all the first packs of UBRS at once (glares in Warrior’s direction) so I had the talent which lets your single target heals refresh renew. That meant for virtually all of it, I had to cast renew once per fight, then flash heals interlaced with smite spam, holy fire off cooldown and loot.

No inept Shadowfiend, no mind sear, no shadow word pain, no power word shield, no fear and no mind vision. I didn’t think I’d miss them but I do. Obviously raid/pvp healing will need more than those 3 spells to sustain a fight but I liked having a tool box bursting at the seams with spells.

The removal of Basil the inept Shadowfiend probably hurts the most. Not because he was needed for damage or mana but because I have fond memories of his ineptness during raids. In an ideal world, we’d get a cosmetic glyph which lets Holy Priests summon an “inept shadowfiend” which would bounce around being useless for 10 seconds on a minute cooldown.

On the plus side, getting Mind Control back gave me a big smile. I never felt I could justify the talent point on something so specific but it’s fun for duoing five mans at the appropriate level and it’s a great source of amusement in PvP.

Finally no more gold missions at the Garrison makes me very happy, okay it essentially paid for my mobile Transmogrification Yak but feeling I’ve escaped them even if it’s temporarily is a wonderful feeling.

6 Responses

  1. It is taking some getting used to, looking for spells that are no longer available now. Overall I like most changes, some classes feel better than others. Not really feeling the hunter with BM, but I do like the lock demo changes. Nice to see you posting again!

    • Ty. It’s good to be back.
      I’m definitely happier with some classes than others. I’m making a Gnome Hunter at the moment and it’s almost like an entirely different class to the one I used to dabble with (and collect pets on).

  2. I was in a raid yesterday with the guild as holy priest and it just felt strange – primarily because there were times I’d automatically go to shield myself (incoming large damage) or, more often, use my shadow gremlin to go top up my mana – what do we do now?! It didn’t help that we were two healing (myself and a disco priest) and people were taking HUGE amounts of damage – often way more than felt appropriate compared to prior to the patch, so I was often spending the last half of fights gasping for mana.

    Admittedly part of that will be due to me not having spent long enough researching my options – I didn’t notice the single target heals refreshing renew option – I’ll have to go have another poke around – but a lot of my healing *used* to be AoE heals. That may have to change.

    • I think (from the beta and conversions with still raiding Priests I’ve had) that there are lots of combinations and that Holy is probably in a decent enough place, it’s just going to be getting used to what works best in any given circumstance. I’m lazy and can’t say I look forward to potentially changing talents on a fight by fight basis but we’ll see.

      The renew talent is on the same level as the 10 percent more regen one.

      I haven’t played Disc yet since the patch nor on beta (I did the Disc artifact quest as Holy at 103) but I know quite a few people rate it as worst healer at this point of the expansion.

      Will be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Grats on Fabulous 🙂
    I don’t play my priest that often but I know I’ll be missing the shadowfiend too, I would summon him on cd when I could just to have him around. It would be awesome if he could be summoned still even as cosmetic.

    • Thanks.
      At least we have holy nova back…maybe being able to sneak killing blows in group PvP by spamming sparkles will make up for the loss of Basil the inept shadowfiend.

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