Merrily the Mage

Spurred on by the thought of the Mage Class Hall and the realization that everyone else seems to have multiple 100s, I made a final push to get another character to level 100 yesterday. With a bit of prior preparation, she went from level 93 to mid way through 99 in less than 15 minutes. Those Elixirs of the Rapid Mind are without doubt my new favourite thing about WoD.


Merrymaker Merrily, cat “owner”, Fire Mage and Pyromancer (mostly the flames indicate death by fire) is now albeit temporarily at the level cap.


She’s wearing the following:

Manaweave Robe: The reward from an old Mage quest, now removed from the Game. No idea which of my various Mages I completed the quest on.

Cilice of Suffering: Quest reward from Terokkar Forest

Pilfered Ethereal Blade: Quest reward from Netherstorm

Whilst I won’t be leveling her first, I do plan on getting her into her class hall and completing her artifact weapon as soon as possible.


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  1. I’ve been having fun on my mage too and I’m finding it hard to give up the convenient transportation when I switch to other characters.

    Your night elf looks so pretty – her hair goes so well with the Manaweave robe. It’s one of my favourite mage robes – although I only managed to get it on two of my many mage alts before it was gone.

    • Apart from the odd mistake when I’ve ported to “old” Dalaran and then turned away from the computer only to turn back wondering why I’m plummeting downwards rather than turning up in Northrend, I do love my teleports.

      Fire post patch is a lot of fun too. Tried Arcane on the beta but it seemed really lacklustre compared to Fire which is a shame because I feel being a Nightelf she should really be Arcane.

      • I let a mage friend know about the old Dalaran port the other day.. he hadn’t been aware it of before. He was in Scarlett Halls almost instantl and now his favourite thing to do is to offer us all Dalaran ports 🙂

  2. Those Elixirs are the best thing to get over those last few levels. I’m a little jealous, not only does she look great but she’s a Mage. I STILL haven’t managed to level one out of the mid-50s range.

    • To be fair, I totally cheated. She got to 90 using the free boost which came with pre-purchasing WoD and then was powerlevelled to 100 alongside Mr Harpy’s Hunter. I think I’ve played more Mage on the Beta than I have on my actual account in the last 3 or 4 years. Thinking she might be my PvP character because she’s grown accustomed to setting Orcs on fire.

  3. Hurrah! I love that those old quest rewards, even from quests that have since been removed, are available in the Appearances tab — and also available across faction boundaries.

    I’ve been kind of wishing that there were lesser boosts available in the store for lesser amounts of money, so that I could kick all my low-level mages up to level 70 and make them outfits with the Kirin Tor tabard (which requires level 68).

    • Yes, please. I’m trying to level my Warlock (currently level 69 and in the Borean Tundra, already sick of the Lich king) and my Paladin (last seen in the Western Plaguelands). I’d pay good money to be able to boost them through a chunk of levels without having to do all the quests again. Even zones I like become painful the 20th time I do them.

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