Zen and the Art of Dungeoning

So far I’ve run two Legion dungeons. Both were fairly easy runs, a couple of wipes in the Eye of Azshara to Serpentrix and a gentle wander through the Halls of Valor with zero casualties. In particular I really enjoyed the latter, the look of the dungeon, the boss mechanics and the variation in bosses.  In theory, there shouldn’t be an issue but there is. You see those two dungeon runs weren’t done with 5 people, they were done with 2.

It happens every expansion, I level and then I hit a wall of what to do next. The obvious answer is dungeon but I can’t. Even thinking about queuing up has me going into “worst healer EU” mode mentally which then swiftly becomes a self fulling prophecy. I get too many physical symptoms of anxiety to play to a “proper” standard (my words, not anyone else’s).

Doing this was easy, doing it with 3 more players seems impossible.


With Legion it seems the problem is bigger than ever. You can’t do your Class Hall mission with dungeoning, you can’t level professions without dungeoning and then of course there is the revamped Karazhan heading our way. I would love to see it but the mountain it would take for me to get there in this expansion seems too high, too steep and with far too many feral goats hanging off it’s sides.

I was under the mis-impression that Blizzard had realised that there are many ways to play and that all those ways are valid, yet it seems that those lessons haven’t been learnt from the PvP fiascos of the Legendary cloak and Children’s Week. Yes, the dungeons are (in my limited experience) lovely looking and have lots of interesting mechanics and I can understand why the designers are rightly proud of them but forcing people who want to meander through the game into running them or hitting a wall seems as unfair as making people who want to progress their profession quests get blown up in the Underbelly because they either don’t know the “Guard for hire” system exists or they don’t get back fast enough to buy a new one before the timer runs out.

Where I go from here, I don’t know. I’d like to say I’d wake up one morning and think well if I can do it with 2 people, adding another 3 to the mix should surely make it go faster and if one of them stands in the fire…”so what!” but the honest answer is likely the same thing will happen this time as has happened before, I play for a bit, end up with a log of dungeon quests and quit.

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  1. Well, if you ever want to add another person to the mix, feel free to hit me up on battle tag (pretty sure I have you on it) 🙂 I can either come alone or bring the boyfriend and/or other guildies. All whom are very nice and won’t complain if anything goes wrong 🙂 (and if it does, it’s probably my fault anyway since barrage seems to pull things through walls and random flying birds these days…)

    I can somewhat relate though. I hardly ever to random dungeons, I only play with my guild members these days. The attitude of a lot of people in dungeons are just too off-putting.

    • Most of the people I have encountered in randoms have been fine, the problem seems to lie entirely in my head which is stupid. I’m way more confident in real life than I am virtually which seems ridiculous.

      Thinking I might just have a large glass of wine Saturday night and force myself to run some. We just two manned Maw of Souls, albeit on normal with no issues other than a slow tentacle killing phase.

      Thank you for your kind offer though and I may take you up on it.

  2. I think my first comment got eaten >.<

    I agree there are way too many story quests tied to dungeons. I was getting a bit burnt out on doing so many of them the first week. I decided to play up a DPS because I had heard we would have to do them, queues are long at 110 but I only do what I need, nothing more. Maybe queue as DPS to get them out of the way? At 110 there are a lot of fun things to do so far that don't require them. I used to love doing dungeons back in vanilla, not so much anymore as I play very casually. But yeah, the order hall needing them is really annoying.

    That is a reason I have been logging into EQ2 on the side still, no need to do dungeon queues unless you want to. They even have solo/duo dungeons which is so nice to have options.

    • I think queuing as DPS would be worse. I might think I’m a bad healer but I know I’m a terrible Shadow Priest mostly because I don’t particularly like the spec.

      I think I’m finding the professions needing them even more annoying than the Class Halls at the moment. It’s going to be worse with alts I think, especially the casual alts who I play for fun without having really paid attention to how I’m meant to play.

  3. If you weren’t on EU realms and I on US, I’d offer to go dungeon running with you. BTH has only resubbed to WoW for a month, and if he decides not to stick around, I’m not sure who I’ll go dungeoning with.

  4. Yeah, I was less than pleased that I’d have to do dungeons for professions. I can’t do them during the day as the queues are just crazy so hopefully I can manage to get them done at the weekend. I’ve done four so far and three were just fine but the fourth had a tank fussing at the poor healer for dying repeatedly which is why I don’t do dungeons. I guess three out of four isn’t bad.

    • That’s one bonus of bringing your own tank, they shouldn’t be bitching at you in front of the rest of the party.

      I can understand only getting certain recipes from dungeons, I think the vanilla flask recipes dropped from dungeons and I know I had to Scholo (I think either that or Strat) to be able to make mana pots. However I think the community was different then, I knew all the people I entered dungeons with prior to starting.

  5. Wait a while, bide your time and gear up. Soon enough, you are over-geared and can waltz through the dungeons and admire the scenery. Maybe even shame some of the DPS by casting some offensive spells.

    • I suspect I’m already pretty geared, item level 839 so all that’s left is the chance of an upgrade from the world quests and dungeons.

      It’s just finding the confidence to do the first one. Although I have the excuse of our internet being pretty rubbish at the moment due to storm damage!

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