The Fires of Nostalgia

The Midsummer Fire Festival is one of my favourites, purely because it pushes to me to get and about in Azeroth, visiting old haunts and finding new ones.

That’s one thing I miss about the revamped questing since Cataclysm, that sense of being sent from one zone to another and having to explore the world. Now you level so quickly, skipping zone after zone and it feels so much more instanced than ever before.

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  1. Hey Harpy, I just found your site here πŸ™‚

    I really like it! Such wonderful screenshots. I look forward to follow you.

    You are so right – I miss that too; The revamp in Cataclysm really changed the world. I wish we could toggle the changes off and on, like you can in Blasted Lands.

    This holiday is one of my absolute favorites in WoW, since it sends us all over the world. The challenge for me is to stay focused on the bonfires and not just wander off to explore, heh.

    Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • Ty. I’m trying to get back into blogging having taken a bit of a gap from both writing and the game.

      I’d definitely support the toggle idea. That or the whole vanilla world within the Caverns of Time would be amazing. I’d probably spend more time there than in the current version though.

      • Ah, I see. Welcome back, then πŸ™‚

        Yes, me too, for sure. I miss the old version as well.

  2. I highly recommend visiting the “old” zones from time to time even if it is not for an event or a quest. To me, any zone, whether old or new has its own unique charm that attracts me from time to time. Even though I have explored them multiple times, I still find things that I hadn’t noticed before. I should add, leave your mount at the stable, if you wish to get fully immersed and enjoy the exploration once again.

    • Sorry for the delay approving, been on holiday for two weeks with no internet.

      Running reminds me too much of being chased by higher levels in those first few weeks of playing but I tend not to fly if I’m just exploring/wandering about.

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