Prestigious War Steed: Mount number 189

I finally managed to catch the last Black Rook Rumble I needed for this mount. It’s the reward for completing 20 of each of the four slightly more awkward pvp quests, Operation Murloc Freedom, Darkbrul arena, Black Rook Rumble and Bareback Brawl. Getting it had some brilliant moments, like going 2 versus 10 during Operation Murloc Freedom and technically winning although I died just after the 8th opponent fell over but Mr Harpy’s avenging Gnome took care of the other two (and yes, I was essentially tanking all of them on my Holy Priest… yay for Arcane mages and shadowmeld). There are also some less positive ones, Darkbrul arena I’m looking at you.

My favourite detail has to be the Troll head stuck just above the tail, gives a whole new meaning to eyes in the back of your head.

The Horde version is the Prestigious War Wolf.

8 Responses

  1. Oh, congratulations much! That sure took some dedication to obtain 🙂

    Darkbrul arena indeed…I tend to…Avoid that…

    Thank you for showing the details on this mount; I never noticed the troll head before!

    • Thanks. I’m definitely never setting foot in Darkbrul again. I was a bit disappointed by the Horde version as on the Alliance one you can clearly see the skulls belong to an Orc, a Troll and an Undead. The Horde one just has generic skulls.

      • Oh, I imagine that very well – I am still far away from completing this, and generally stay away from that exact World Quest too.
        Aha, i did not know of the differences across faction!

  2. I love that mount so much. I “cheated” my way to it, though, completing all of the WQs using the order hall instant WQ completion mechanic on my mage. hehe

    • Ty. I hate hate hate the fact that Priests (and I assume Druids, Paladins, Shamans and Monks) don’t have the option to do that.

    • Ooh, what, it’s progress is accountwide?

      • I think you could do say 20 darkbrul arenas on one character and then 20 operation murloc freedoms on another but it doesn’t count 5 darkbruls on one character and then 15 on another.

        The mount is accountwide though. Get it on one character and ride it on both factions/any character.

  3. Ah, ok shoot, that makes sense, sadly. Darn. I guess it would take a while to do 20 of those arenas on my mage alt that I never play, but just use that WQ instant complete once a day – thing on…(They are only up like every so often right?)

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