Sparkle Barbie and the Argus Adventures

I’d avoided paying too much attention to information about the patch, not necessarily on purpose but the school holidays and Mr Harpy’s work schedule had me out of routine. I knew Argus was coming and that was that so logging on today and discovering that casting anything turns my serious Priest into Sparkle Princess Barbie came as somewhat of a shock.

It’s a shame she’s missed the Midsummer Fire Festival fire work display because this is a pretty good impression of a Roman Candle.

Turning the graphic settings down to the absolute minimum makes zero difference and I absolutely hate it. Now fair enough, I’m not good with change but I also struggle with flashing lights and motion sickness in a lot of games. Warcraft has been one of the few I can play for long periods of time without feeling an overwhelming desire to vomit everywhere but alas no longer. Dpsing is okay and so is single target healing but Aoe healing (the second screen shot is Prayer of Healing) and using Holy Nova has become a nightmare. Plus so much for being able to sneak around battlegrounds and rely on the fact that roughly half of the randoms in there can’t tell the difference between a fence post and a Holy Priest.

In terms of Argus play so far, Draenei spaceships make me nervous, Turalyon and Alleria make me feel like Mother of the Year (I haven’t “lost” my son for a thousand years yet) and I totally share Illidan’s feelings about destiny. Plus Turalyon comments on the Holy Priest weapon, telling you he’s glad to see it out of the hands of the Legion which given most Npcs completely ignore it gives him bonus points.

I also have a small girl crush on Divinius.

3 Responses

  1. You are not alone, I really dislike the amount of flashing things that has been added to the game too. As you say, even low graphic settings help little. Even in raids, it’s one flash fest too. I wish we could steer the game in a different direction. I already submitted several suggestions in game to tone down these new animations.

    I hope you somehow will get used to them. Though I must admit, personally, these animations, and the new character models are on my top five of reasons I might not play forever.
    What happened to subtle is sometimes better.

    • My Mother is a big believer in less is more, so I grew up with the whole get dressed to go out and then take one item off. I wish whoever did the animations grew up with a Mother like mine then perhaps they’d be a little bit toned down… although, that’s a scary thought, maybe they did and this is the toned down version!

      • That is a nice way to think about it. I think the same.
        I’m afraid it’s just how the world is today sadly, the flashier the better, some seem to think.
        It’s my hope some kind of movement will stir things some day 🙂

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