Days 2 through 5: A Screenshot A Day

What with all the screenshot challenges floating around, I’m sort of playing catch up but here’s days 2 through 5 of Tycertank’s November “A Screenshot A Day”.

Day 2: I did this today


Cast sideways glances at the Human King, that’s what I did today. It turns out he’s quite partial to long walks on the beach, followed by a spot of slaughtering Orcs to get the blood really pumping. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but put it this way, it’s not just Hilda’s horns which waggle!!!!

Day 3: P is for


Party!!!! which is precisely what this gentleman is doing. Clearly he was so impressed by Dulca’s awesome Mistweaver DPS, he just can’t stop dancing.

Day 4: Table


Is it marginally arrogant on Blizzard’s part to have their NPCS playing Hearthstone? Maybe but I have to admit I rather like the board.

Day 5: I collect

Gnomes. Cute little Gnomes with awesome names. In fact I’m working on amassing an entire army of them so that we can put this into practice.

A Screenshot a Day – Fruit

In a moment of possible madness I decided to attempt Tycertank’s November challenge.

Today’s prompt is “Fruit”.


A Screenshot A Day: Days 27, 28 & 29

Day 27 – WTF

That really is one dedicated mount.


Day 28 – 10 o’clock

10 am the other day saw me parked up here in a lake of blood hoping that the fickle Gods of RNG would favour me. As it turned out they didn’t but I still love the shot.


Day 29 –  Gold

On the second last day of the September challenge it seems fitting to show my golden Dragon that I won in the August version of this screen shot challenge. Thank you again.


Day 26: A Screenshot A Day

Today’s prompt is “Curve” and I’ve chosen to interpret that as a “learning curve”.


I entered the Proving Grounds torn between self doubt and over confidence. I thought it would be a walk in the park, after all I’ve been playing a Healer now for more years than I care to mention and yet at the back of my mind a tiny goblin sized voice whispered away. As it turned out, perhaps there was more “proving” to be done that I expected. I made a choice not to see how other Monks were doing it which led to quite a bit of experimentation on my part, something which with hindsight I’m glad of. In the end I had to reforge my stats quite a bit as well as change my talents and am probably stronger as a result of that. I’d also forgotten exactly what some of my tooltips said (the joys of not doing anything more serious than random battlegrounds and questing) and this forced me to start thinking about my cooldowns, my spells and all the utility my class brings.

In short, I found the Proving Grounds to be frustrating, annoying, addictive and somewhat maddeningly awesome. I’m so close to getting “You’re doing it wrong” and the silver dps challenge as a healer and I want to at least get Bronze for Tanking too. In the meantime I’m working on Endless with my first try getting me the achievement for over 10 rounds which I know is nothing in the grand scheme of things but to someone who is facing their first “proper” raid since the start of Cataclysm this weekend, every little confidence boost helps.

In case anyone else is struggling as a Mistweaver, the secret of my success (once I’d got a reasonable amount of spirit) was these happy little curvy balls. Wonderful for pre-positioning under the Hunter and Mage as well as brilliant for clearing “chomp”.


Also Xuen is well worth it, not only for helping to clear annoying packs faster but for teaming up with your serpent statue to help with the healing. Leg sweep in my experience is also better than the ring of peace and chi brew used every time it was available got my mana under control to the point that I ended on 70 percent mana. Also don’t forget that we can disarm and kick so something which shows enemy name plates and their buffs, debuffs and cast bars really helps.

In the end my first proper reforged go with spirit was the slightly stressful zombies lurking behind trees and werewolves in the bushes walk in the park I’d first envisioned.

I’d also recommend adding “Chomp” as a custom debuff to whatever raid frame addon you’re using.

If that happens to be Vud’ho, go to debuffs -> custom  and then type “chomp” into the window and set it up accordingly. Personally I had it changing the whole bar to a disgusting shade of brown which had my subconscious itching to remove it before the rest of my recognized what was going on.

What I love about the whole concept is that there is always going to be room for improvement, always another wave to survive and that it allows experimentation with spec, with spells and indeed with alts in a private space where the only ego which can get bruised is yours.

Day 18 – A Screenshot A Day

Today’s prompt is vintage.


So I’ve delved back into the vast collection of screenshots I have gathering dust on my computer and found a vintage shot, proving that Garrosh was actually innocent of Cairne’s death and it was all an Alliance plot to throw the Horde into disarray!

Day 15 – A Screenshot A Day

Today’s prompt is Season.

Now this time of year actually happens to be my favourite. That slow slide into autumn, golden leaves falling from the trees, toffee apples and Halloween.

For my shot, I thought I’d pick that somewhat forgotten and neglected Blizzard festival, Harvest  which as it happens is taking place right now.


Day 11: A Screenshot A Day

Day 11 – What I did today


I had a go or two at Gold but fell short at the final hurdle. I think I need to focus a bit more and relax rather than start panicking. I suppose I should think of it as PvP rather than PvE.

I also paid the Timeless Isle a visit and picked up a bunch of coins, killed some rares and looted some upgrades for various characters. I still haven’t made up my mind about the Isle yet. As much as I hate dailies, I do like having something to focus on rather than riding around looking for shinies.

Days 9 & 10: A Screenshot A Day

Day 9 – On the Wall (of Karazhan). Okay this doesn’t totally meet the brief because it’s an alcove in the wall as opposed to on it but I like it.


Day 10 – Today’s prompt is Sweet, something the Gilneans are famous for.



Day 6 – A Screenshot A Day

Today’s prompt is “Getting Read” and that’s just what this screenshot is crying out for, someone to sit and read their way through this lot.

getting read

If I existed in the game world, I suspect that on breaching karazhan, I would get distracted right about now.

Day 4: Alone – A Screenshot A Day


For Day 4 of Tycertank‘s September Challenge, I’d like to present a screenshot from one of my favourite quests.

In his time of uncertainty, the last emperor walked a lonely path up this mountain, until he had at last found his answers.