Summer Holiday

Where would you holiday in WoW and why? For some reason last night I started thinking about this (my mind wanders when Im tired). So thanks to the Azerothian Travel Company I would like to offer some destinations for your consideration.

You want a beach holiday? Well have you thought about Stranglethorn Vale. We are currently offering two week breaks to this paradise on Azeroth. You will be staying in Booty Bay, a town well known for its fine cuisine and even finer Junglevine Wine and Rum. Your base will be the Salty Sailor Tavern, which is located right in the centre of town. The sea, shops and other amenitities are all within walking distance.

We offer a wide range of activities once you arrive in Stranglethorn.

  1. The coast around STV teems with sealife and as such fishing is a very popular activity, both with locals and guests. Who knows you might even manage to net a giant shark. Any fish you do catch can be cooked for you back at the Tavern.
  2. For the more adventurous we have diving or snorkling trips to the Vile Reef where you can explore sunken ships and the drowned Troll city. As a souvenir of this you can even collect your own blue pearl to prove to your friends that you dived those crystal clear waters.
  3. We also offer many trips to the variety of ruins that litter the landscape. Ask an Azerothian Travel Company Goblin for more details.
  4. Our safaris are also very popular, we take you out to see all the wonderful animal species that bless our landscape from tigers, panthers to gorillas and basiliks. If you want, for slightly more gold you can hunt any or all of them.
  5. Another daytrip which has proved popular in the past is the chance to visit a reallife, active Pirate ship. As part of this deal, you get snuff, rum and the opportunity to ask the pirates any questions you might have about their lifestyle. Its a must really.
  6. For those of you interested in animal life, a trip to Jaguero Isle is an experience like no other. You get to see the largest Gorilla in existance (at least on Azeroth). Marvel at his size as you watch him from our cunningly concealed hides.
  7. We can also offer daytrips to Ratchet for duty free booze.

This is only a small selection of what is available. If you have gold, we can arrange pretty much anything you might want to do or try, dancing girls included.

Caveat: Like any paradise STV has its hidden dangers, but we havent lost a tourist since, well, last week.