How to conquer the Old Kingdom

Its our first attempt at a video, so most of the editing is non existent.

Recommend watching it full screen by clicking on the icon at the top right corner. Its also played back at 4x speed as otherwise it would be longer than Titanic.
A couple of points:
  1. Notice the 50k spell reflects, warriors make mincemeat out of the spellflingers.
  2. Eyes in the dark… is dispellable, but still very very annoying.
  3. With the Prince, the fire balls are very predictable. If hes tanked facing your party (obviously the melee still need to run), all the balls should miss the caster group without them having to move. They come out from left, right and straight behind him and as you can see in the video im in no danger of being hit at all.
  4. Lots of people say on the forums that he does his Embrace of the Vampyr randomly, its not random. He does it 3 times per kill at around 75/50/25 percent, doesn’t matter how slowly you kill him.
  5. As you can see in the video I survive the embrace with only 19k health (fort, commanding shout, food buff), powerword shield does absorb a chunk of the damage and shadow protection helps mitigate it further. I do however swop in some stamina gear.
  6. The end boss is a joke. The only “hard” part of the fight is the insanity and of course there only being 2 of you makes it pretty simple. The reason we take so long killing each other is delibrate. I kill Lylia’s clone as fast as possible whilst he kites mine around, then I join him in his “insanity” and mana up. The reason we don’t do it the other way around is because his clone sunders, which means either I have to tank it (losing out on regen opportunities) or he loses a chunk of armor.