IntPiPoMo 2013 – Wetlands

Inspired by the new lush and vibrant zones presented at Blizzcon, the next installment of IntPiPoMo is brought to you by the swamps and marshes of Warcraft.


Picture #6


Picture #7

Picture #8

Picture #9

Picture #10


Picture #11

IntPiPoMo 2013 – The Colour Purple

Three years ago, Angelya suggested a screenshot challenge with a difference. Instead of writing 50 000 words, why not post 50 screenshots within the month of November. This year, the reins have been passed to Jojo but other than that, nothing has changed.

I did briefly consider doing this and Tycertank’s a Screenshot a Day in tandem and then that little taunting Gnome voice which lurks in my subconscious decided screw it, it’s all or nothing.

So for my first submissions, I’d like to present the following shots, all roughly linked by the colour purple.

WoWScrnShot_101413_221409Picture #1 – A Wolf howling at two moons

WoWScrnShot_102713_111605Picture #2 – A rainy day in the City of Purple Dreams

WoWScrnShot_102713_124711Picture #3 – Escaping from a tunnel into Winterspring


Picture #4 – Bloodelves up to no good in Netherstorm


Picture #5 – Purple crystals

The Sublime and the Beautiful: IntPiPoMo

Since it’s still the 30th of November I thought I’d get a little closer to the 50 pictures.






Rogers Pass to Banff 107

cloister 007

havana to trinidad 096

Dzibilchaltun 004

Caravan day 1 025a

Caravan day 1 044

Who knows I might even “borrow” another time zone to post my last 9.

Painted Skies: IntPiPoMo

It is with horror that I hold up my hands on the last day of the month and admit that I have only managed to post 26 screenshots so far for IntPiPoMo. However by the time the trees start going up to celebrate Winter Veil, I will be finished, I promise. Today’s theme is loosely based on sky as I fell in love with the backdrop to Mists as soon as I got the Beta installed also the theme to Skyfall is constantly being played at work so it’s semi burned into my brain.

A more peaceful time

A more peaceful time

A foreshadowing of what is to come

The Darkness above the Gate

The Gathering Storm Clouds

The Gathering Storm Clouds

A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness



This brings me to 31 out of 50 (and the moral of this story is… next time count as you go!).

IntPiPoMo: It’s a jungle out there

Today I though I’d share some of our photographs with you rather than posting screenshots. So here are some of the real life versions of my favourite Hunter pets (and a shoal of shiny fish).

Fog and Fairy tales: IntPiPoMo

The Gilneans always make me think of fairy stories. Deep dark woods, full moons glistening over head, fat candles burning down low and red roses dripping petals the colour of blood.

For a period when I was quite small, we lived close to the German/Netherlands border and used to visit Efteling regularly. Naturally as a child I loved it and whilst I was too young to appreciate the roller coasters, I adored the Fairy Tale Forest.  I know the Worgen are meant to be British and whilst the fog might be, the architecture reminds me so much of wandering around that theme park visiting all my favourite fairy stories.

Here on the east coast of Scotland, it’s often foggy. The Haar comes rolling off the sea, striding in-land like some vast Vykrul woman, her white cloak wrapping the world in cotton wool. You can taste sea salt on the air as she passes, clouding your vision and altering your senses.

The Forsaken have the next best set of buildings, all haphazard edges and balconies. I can’t help wondering what sort of monster arose from it’s slab just after this picture was taken.

Forests too change the way we see things, blocking out the bigger picture.

A Dandelion head, it’s lacy strands dancing in the light like a spider’s web.

Finally, who doesn’t love marshes? The colours caught reflected in the viscous water and the strange trees which flower there make it a thing of beauty.

50 Shades of Grey: The IntPiPoMo edition

Karazhan in the rain

Incy wincy spider

A Tree

The Theramore Graveyard