Tamung the TNAK

In a bid for a change of pace we decided to try 2 manning Hellfire Ramparts this morning. I really wasnt sure how far a lv 64 enhancement shaman and a lv 64 prot warrior would make it, but we surpassed my expectations. The trash went smoothly as did the first boss, although he failed to drop anything useful (cloth spell damage shoulders which went into my healing/spell damage set).
We bravely fought on to the 2nd boss and thats when disaster struck. Our battlegroup fell over… so we will have to go back another day, but all in all, it went pretty well.

In other Orc related news, we have completely finished Zangamarsh, half done Terrokar and started doing Nagrand. I also got ganked twice, once in Nagrand by a horrible little dwarf rogue who we could have killed whilst he was afk destealthed and once in Terrokar by a 70 hunter, also a dwarf, who if he hadnt potted or run through a pile of mobs i would have killed. If if if, but it certainly seems that dwarves hate orcs… i feel victimised.

Mounts, mounts and more mounts, part 2

The Orclings finally hit 60. Its taken a while and now Im relieving how painful Hellfire is for 2 melee classes. Its half tempting to respec to elemental but my gear just isnt up to it at the moment.
In other news I got a spirit of competition on this toon as well, although it was about as far from the spirit of the Olympics as you can possibly get… zerging 11 alliance with 40 horde. Ah well, it helped us get our matching Frostwolf Howlers.


Ive been working on my little list over the last few days and I think Im actually making headway.

The Orcling is lv 51 and counting, we managed to break through the Badlands into lusher and more interesting zones which really speeded up the leveling. The screenshot is the only good screenshot of the Badlands, me leaving it.

Got the Rune of the Guard Captain. A task made slightly harder than it should of been by the fact I was 5 levels lower than the mobs and Tamung was using a brand new weapon and so couldnt hit them. I wish the Alliance had a version of this trinket.

Hit Alterac Valley for the first time earlier today. It turns out that in the 51-60 bracket in Cyclone is really biased in favor of the Horde. Got 500 honor in 10 minutes along with 25k experience for completing a few of the quests. I also got to upgrade my main hand by getting the mace from the kill Vanndar quest. Its just a shame the queue times are horrible, but since the alliance get slaughtered 15 to 40, I suppose we can hardly blame them.

Vanity Pets

This is the first time Ive managed to get a toon to lv 36 without a pet. For some reason I just couldnt decide what suited my little Orcling the best. Im really not a Snake person so they were out (none of my characters have snakes, although I guess when the expansion comes out, Ill pick them up simply for collections sake). The Dragonhawk hatchlings seemed to exotic for her simple tastes. My Mage has one, but shes loud and its bright plumage suits her robes and her personality. The prairie dog is too small, plus it might get lost in Orgrimmar’s bustle or Tamung could mistake it for a critter and use it for weaponskilling. As for the cockroach, well, after the Bahamas, Im just not fond of them, virtual or not.

Then it came to me, why not get a Parrot. So here we are, exploring the jungle in the rainy season together.


Ever since he hit lv 30, Tamung has been eyeing his Whirlwind Axe quest a bit like a puppy eyeing the biscuit tin. The other night we hit STV and collected all the Bloodscalp tusks (if you can see a troll has 2 tusks whilst alive, why oh why dont they all have 2 on their corpses..) and tonight we braved Arathi Highlands for charms. Now, we were lvs 33 (me, because I slack) and 34 (him) respectively and the mobs we needed are lvs 38 and 39. Actually it went a lot easier than I expected, in part I think due to windfury and the fact that I can heal.

That brought us to the hard part. How to kill a lv 40 elite when you struggle to hit lv 38 normal mobs. Obviously the easy thing would have been to ask one of the various 70s running around to help out, but that would have been too easy. Potted up with nature resist, totems down we summoned him. In the end, it was fairly touch and go, he hits hard and his knockback makes trying to tank him when you are 6 levels lower “interesting”, but with around a 100 health to spare we killed him first time.

Tamung is a happy little Orc, running around with his shiny new toy. Shame plus 2 weapon damage doesnt have a glow, oh well, I really need to level enchanting.

Windfury and Wolves

The Orcs finally hit 30. Windfury, Astral recall and mounts, have to say im a happy orcling.
Hoping the horde version of the call of wind quest is more challenging and fun than the alliance version.

The Adventures of the Orclings

Last night we hit Razorfen Kraul to see if we could complete Tamung’s warrior quest. Both lv 28 so we were a little nervous but as it turned out, our only issue was our inability to read quest text correctly. I was under the mistaken impression that Overlord Ramtusk was our target (pure coincidence that he drops the Corpsemaker… honestly). So after slaughtering him and getting my precious corpsemaker we had a look at Wowhead to discover our real target. All in all, it took us around an hour, would have been less had we known where we were going, got me a nice blue axe, around half a level of experience and of course the warrior chest we went in for.

Its not just anti-socialness, but I have to admit I do like soloing or rather two manning stuff. Its far more fun and challenging than doing it with a full 5 man party. It also gives flexiablitity, if we get too tired or grumpy we arent letting anyone else down.

The Rise of the Horde

So its summer, we are hardly raiding and this expansion is slowly drawing to end. To give something new to work on, we decided to roll a couple of horde toons to help pass the time.

The gnome decided on a warrior and to complement that, I picked a shaman.

However once the classes were decided, over dinner then the headache for me began. What race to pick.

I love the looks of tauren females, so cuddly and cute, but their racials offer little to shamans, either for pvp or pve. Ok, warstomp + heal can work, but we have other ways of keeping distance, instance ghostwolf, earthbind and frostshock for example. 10 Nature res isnt really enough to make it a vital component either.

Trolls are fun. Ive made a troll priest, troll mage and troll hunter before. But again, the only thing they bring as a shaman is beserking. Obviously haste is a good thing, for all 3 specs but its cooldown makes it a bit lacklustre.

Which brings me to Orcs. Axe specialisation should I go enhancement, expertise is always a good thing. Bloodfury, a mini trinket which suits all 3 specs and of course stun resist. Now even when im raiding most of the time, I like a bit of pvp and the thing I hate most of all in pvp is… not being in control of my character. 15 percent stun resist, especially when combined with base resists and the meta gem makes Orc the only choice really for a shaman in my opinion.

So we are currently level 20, 2 green, bald Orc females running around having fun.