Trying to Survive without MogIt (and failing!)

I’m secretly squeaking with glee at the thought of getting my hands on all the new Mists gear for transmogrification purposes but in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my Transmogolympic outfits with you. Rather than show all my nine outfits, I’m going to stick with the ones that my characters might potentially wear at some point.

The javelin – modelled by my Troll Druid.

  • Unwavering Stare
  • Shoulderguards of Assimilation
  • Wild Draenish Vest
  • Weavers of the Unending Tale
  • Warchief Kilt
  • Hellion Glaive

Horse riding – worn by my Worgen.

  • Master’s Hat
  • Soulstealer Mantle
  • Drakeweave Raiment
  • Frostwoven Gloves
  • Gaea’s belt
  • Astralaan Pants

Archery – Bloodelf style.

  • Bow of Taut Sinew
  • Helmet of the Inner Sanctum
  • Mantle of the Sea Wolf
  • Netherstalker Armor
  • Gordok’s Gauntlets
  • Stillwater Girdle
  • Kilt of Dark Mending
  • Steadfast Stompers

Cycling leathers – rocking and rolling with my Night Elf Druid.

  • Greensight goggles
  • Veil of Turning Leaves
  • Marshwarden’s Tunic
  • Artic gloves
  • Wildevar Belt
  • Daggercap Trousers
  • Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Footguards of Alacrity

Of these, the equestrian and the cycling are probably my favourites. If I go Draenei with my monk which is a distinct possibility then I’ll definitely be working on farming her the cycling set.

In the meantime I’m currently trying to match up a belt and shoulders to go with my new robe (Scarlet Monastery, drops from the gentleman who replaced Doan and whose name I can’t remember).

We casters really need our version of the Death Knight starter zone belt, one that doesn’t overlap any fancy designs on roles. Any suggestions would be received with open arms.

Transmogolympics: Go Kirin Tor!

J D is holding another interesting Transmogrification competition, this time with an Olympic flavour. The categories are as follows:

  • Archery – Build an outfit around your favourite bow.
  • Cycling – Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper.  It must be either Leather or Mail.
  • Discus – Build an outfit around one of the shield skins seen here
  • Equestrian – Build an outfit to compliment one of the horse mounts in the game.  (Faction limitations apply, so no Orcs on a Stormwind pony)
  • Fencing – Time for some swordplay.  Build your best outfit around the 1h sword of your choice.
  • Javelin – Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice.
  • Hammer Throw – Build an outfit around your favourite two-handed hammer.
  • Wrestling – We’re going to deviate from olympic wrestling and go to the sports entertainment aspect instead.  Using one of the “championship” belts, design your own Azerothian pro wrestler.  Think of the oversized belts, such as the Firemend Cinch.
  • Freestyle – Build your own NPC.

However as with every competition, everyone needed a faction (or country) to represent and these are drawn at random. I drew the flag of the Kirin Tor and will be endeavouring to do the Mages proud. A list of whom everyone else is representing can be found here. There is also room for lots more people to join in the fun, so come on, sign up today.

Here is Sprout, my standard bearer, all dressed up like she’s about to sneak into one of those secret Mage only parties they throw in the Purple Parlour giving it laldy* for the Kirin Tor. I am actually tempted to farm this and hang out in Dalaran talking to Bitty Frostflinger


The other categories won’t be shown here as they will be submitted to the judges anonymously.

*There are two Scots slang words I happen to like a lot, Laldy which mostly means to do something with gusto, to put a lot of effort in and Peely-wally which is one of my best friend’s favourite all time words and means to look off-colour, to be pale.