Baby its cold outside!

We are working on hardmode Hodir at the moment and I have to admit the fight has really grown on me. Lots of bouncing around, lots of prayer of healing spamage and a wintery theme.

In order to meet the dps requirement we are naturally scaling back on our healers… (boo hiss) so my top tip is keep an eye on the starlight patches spawned by the druids and use them to speed up both prayer of healing and divine hymn cast/channels. I actually prefer them to the toasty fires now that I’ve found my rhythm of cast a bit, move whilst using instants to reset the biting cold debuff, cast a bit more.


Tentacles vanquished, again

Its been an interesting week. We went from this



yogg02(have to love NPCs who whisper abuse)



I’m the sleeping white puppy at the front cuddled up with the spring rabbit (dinner). All in all, its a completely awesome fight, especially when all the pieces fall into place and people stop taking it in turns to do stupid things randomly. A slight feeling of sadness though, two weeks worth of raids and thats all the easily accessable bosses down plus one fragment thingie to summon the final one. Was hoping the new content would last slightly longer than that, but got hardmodes, alts and the tournament to play around with so won’t be getting bored just yet.