The resolutions – One month in.

Well so far so good, I haven’t managed to out right break any yet.


The alt levelling, encouraged by the 2012 in 2012 project is coming on a pace. Much to my surprise I’ve fallen in love with what was meant as a sort of joke “lets see Gilneas” character, my Worgen Hunter. If I could go back to the beginning, I probably wouldn’t have picked Twiceshy as a name but I hate Gilneas so much that going back to the start just isn’t an option.

Playing her and my Mage, Ellora the would be Loremaster has really opened to my eyes to the revamped quest chains and I take back some of the things I said about hating them all. I just finished Southern Barrens today and Goblins.. I hope you’re proud of yourselves, you hateful Dwarf killers. I will wreck vengeance upon you in battlegrounds for ever more, especially you Goblin Hunters with pet monkeys.

Having discovered Raimondas the Insane through Twitter, I’ve also decided that I’m going to spice up my 2012 in 2012 by pushing for the Insane on one character, probably my Dwarf Warlock (she looks slightly mad already). That will also give me a reason to level my Rogue, which I need as other than pickpocketing junk from unsuspecting NPCs, I hate playing Rogues.

Havisham the Shadow Priest has escaped Gilneas (Yay!) and I’m never ever levelling another Worgen from scratch again. I really hope the Panda experience isn’t quite as painful as Gilneas.

The hks too are adding up, Sprout has managed to slaughter five thousand Horde this month, give or take a few (obviously by slaughter I mean stand behind the guy with the big sword, healing him as he kills stuff). She is now 10k off her target of 50 000, which if I keep up the good work, means she will hit the target in two months time.

As for the Seapony, this coming Darkmoon Faire, I’m going to find a nice spot to fish and stay there until I find one.


So far so good for the two posts per week and I still have a bunch which are either close to finished or at least started. I just need to add pictures and a few final words to them.

The My Characters page is still a work in progress but at least now it has some pictures in it.

The commenting on other people’s blogs is still a bit piecemeal, I started great but it’s definitely tailed off towards the end of the month. I also have a bunch of new blogs that I’ve only recently discovered and never commented on, so I need to fix that.

In General

The cook one new thing a week is going great. I’m finally working through all my cookery books and making the things I’d marked as “must try”. In fact I’ve got to the stage of making a list on Sunday of what I want to cook for the week and going shopping and buying only those ingredients. I barely recognise myself.

I’m slightly behind on the Good Reads challenge, however work is lightening up so that should fix itself.

The working out is better but not good enough. Once it starts getting lighter earlier, I want to go running and I need to start swimming again.

All in all, though I’m happy with the way that January went.

Ellora the would be Loremaster

As  I’ve already mentioned I want to get a number of alts to 85 by the time the Mists of Pandaria roll across Azeroth. Now, I’m participating in J.D Kenada’s 2012 in 2012 but because my “bad” habit of rolling alts all over the place has paid off so much (I’m already 70 percent of the way there), I thought I’d add a few stumbling blocks of my own.

My Nightelf Mage Ellora is going to be a Loremaster within one day of hitting 85. I completed Loremaster prior to Cataclysm and retracing my steps properly through all the zones has always been something I intended to do. A Nightelf Mage seems like the perfect character to complete it on too.

So what I intend doing is completing both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms before moving on to Outlands. Then finishing Outlands before hitting Northrend and so on. It’s possible I might have to lock experience at some point to make sure I don’t hit 85 too quickly. After all, it’s the journey that’s more important than the destination.

I’m also contemplating levelling my Worgen Shadowpriest entirely through PvP, once (if) she manages to escape from Gilneas.