A Screenshot a Day – Days 5 & 6

It’s time for another installment of Tycertank’s ever so slightly addictive A Screenshot a Day series.

Day 5 – Square

An almost square dock (if you ignore the other bits)



Day 6 – C is for Corpse


A Screenshot a Day: Days 2 through 4

It’s another installment of Tycertank’s ever so slightly addictive A Screenshot a Day series. Of these months I will actually manage to illustrate all the prompts.

Day 2 – Favourite

This had to be my favourite race – the Harpies. Here I am looking up at this one in awe!


Day 3 – Something Orange


Day 4 – Childhood

This little orc trapped in the time out pen of bones pretty much sums up my childhood.


A Screenshot A Day: Days 27, 28 & 29

Day 27 – WTF

That really is one dedicated mount.


Day 28 – 10 o’clock

10 am the other day saw me parked up here in a lake of blood hoping that the fickle Gods of RNG would favour me. As it turned out they didn’t but I still love the shot.


Day 29 –  Gold

On the second last day of the September challenge it seems fitting to show my golden Dragon that I won in the August version of this screen shot challenge. Thank you again.


Day 6 – A Screenshot A Day

Today’s prompt is “Getting Read” and that’s just what this screenshot is crying out for, someone to sit and read their way through this lot.

getting read

If I existed in the game world, I suspect that on breaching karazhan, I would get distracted right about now.