Ever since I semi returned to blogging, I’ve been meaning to take part in Zeirah and Cinder’s blog challenge. I see it posted, think “ooh, I could write about x” and then proceed to forget about it for another week. This week however the topic is “Alts” and I’ve never managed to walk away from an Alt focused challenge yet.

Due to my anxiety when it comes to group content, these days I make a character, level it to the cap and then go and level the next one once I’ve run out soloable things to do. This means alts are not something I’m particularly short of. I’m not going to list all of them though because 50 would take up too much space and some of them barely get any playtime.

So in no particular order:



Snow was my original Priest, she slaughtered C’thun in his lair (well, okay she stood at the back healing a bunch of Night Elf warriors), she mind controlled Death Knights in the original Naxxramas and she stole Troll mojo from the dead in Alterac Valley. She’s dedicated to her faith, cold and a bit too fond of smiting the non-believers.



As soon as Gnomes discovered religion, I knew I needed a Gnome Priest. Sprout is hate-filled, fond of blowing things up and mindcontrolling people off cliffs, the bigger the drop the better. It’s debatable as to whether or not, she’s actually discovered religion or been infected by an Old God really.



My lowest level Priest, likes to pretending to be a Druid and exploring.



Dorrie the little Witch, named for a series of books I loved as a little girl.


Erinys, my very first character on my own account. Crossroads camper, it’s a shame tents weren’t in the game at that time, Tarren Mill Terror and soul shard hoarder.


The name says it all. She hates everyone, especially human males.




Fire Mage, funeral rite enthusiast and cat lover.


Demon Hunter



Death Knight


Snow’s older deader sister.



Hunter whose sole purpose is to “rescue” Spot the dog from the flames of Theramore by taming him.


My angry Gnome hunter who was made for mechanical pets but somehow decided that live (or at least alive at some point) pets were better than robot ones.



Harvest Witch, fortune teller and gardener. She likes nothing more than stealthing around the ruins of Gilneas tending to her roses.


My PvP resto Druid who needs to finish leveling.


My Troll, because everyone needs a Troll.



These are the characters that I spend the most time playing around with.

I daren’t go a-hunting

Up the airy mountain
      Down the rushy glen,
We daren't go a-hunting,

William Allingham

This week is Hunter Week and I have to be honest, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the class. I have a lot of Hunters of my own plus Mr Harpy played and raided on one for a couple of years. My Guild Master plays one and so do many of the people I like and admire in-game but I hate meeting them in PvP and my heart sinks slightly when I get thrown into a group activity with one or more of them. I think part of my issue is that I can’t take my own Hunters seriously which sometimes spills over to into other peoples plus I still have flashbacks to being one shot by Mr Harpy’s back in vanilla. Ok he had every buff on known to man at the time and I had less than 4k health with my own buff but it still rankles even now.

I really think if Hunters didn’t have pets, I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole and there in lies the rub. I love running around taming things but really don’t enjoy the shooting bit.


Here is my eldest Hunter with her first proper pet. The one which inspired a story and had me camp in the Barrens on a PvP server as a baby Hunter.

For many of my Hunters, I have a been a bit predictable. I have far too many Night Elf Hunters littering the European servers, most of them lying there unplayed.


I’ve loved this cat model since forever. That’s why I tracked down Humar as a very small Hunter and got killed for the privilege by a Druid who should have known better. I was always envious of a Hunter in our guild who had enlisted the Horde to help him capture this version but at the time I never got a Hunter to a high enough level to acquire one until Wrath.

I made Twiceshy just so I could have pets called Oncebitten….. Surprisingly enough despite my professed hate for Worgens, she has grown on me.


My latest Hunter, SnowBlossom. Yep, she’s totally stolen Snow Blossom’s name in the hope that some of her awesomeness and coolness will rub off. That’s probably highly unlikely given me and my ability to play Hunters although back the bad old days I did over 2k on Terion Gorefiend by pressing one button on my husband’s!! She also needs to level to tame something other than a turtle.

I do have a few more lurking about, including a Goblin called Sproutz whose sole purpose in life is to save Spot however she’s been stuck in Kezan since the start of MoP and a Troll with bright pink hair with a pet called Huggles because who wouldn’t want to be bitten by huggles.

A Dilemna

As the title says, I’ve found myself in a bit of dilemma recently. Despite my “bucket list”, I’m finding both WoW and Diablo hard to get into. I log, deal with auctions, kill a few Horde and then log off. However, I do have a bunch of alts in various states and I’d like to get at least one of them finished before Mists is released.

So I’m seeking advice (which I may or may not take) on which of these to level first.

Twiceshy, Gilnean Hunter.

Fond of fine wine and raw meat, she likes long romps through the forest and chasing Goblins off cliffs. Nimble on her feet, she’s also an excellent dancer. Once when relaxing in an Inn, Twiceshy heard rumours of a large demonic dog lurking within the halls of Blackrock Mountain and would very much like to pit her strength against his.

Dulcamara, Dwarf Warlock.

Yes, she’s wearing the rabbit ears for a bet. Those succubi can be remarkably mean when pushed.

Surprisingly enough, not the name she was born with. She’s a Wildhammer lass through and through, well apart from her pet demon and fondness for conjuring hellfire. After accompanying her parents to Ironforge, she fell in with dubious company and discovered she had an aptitude for the dark arts. Around the same time, she also decided that her practical sturdy Dwarfen name didn’t suit her new lifestyle and picked a new one from a book of herbs and poisons she discovered in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb.

Her current goals include teaching her succubus who is boss (not going so well atm) and getting the “Insane” title because it sounds suitably warlocky.

Ellora, Night Elf Mage.

On a quest for knowledge, she loves exploring and learning about the history and stories of the various peoples who live on Azeroth. Her goals include wearing the title of Loremaster in her own right as well as writing the definitive book on the fairy stories of Azeroth. She’s currently doing research on the death rituals of Horde in the chilly Valley of Alterac, oh and killing people because it turned out that the best way to study these solemn rituals was to provide your own corpses. All in the name of scientific research of course, I mean she’s not a psychopath or anything.

Vanillabean, Gnome Warrior, lightsaber wielder and cuteness personified.

Her ultimate goal is to finally liberate Gnomeregan from all those dirty Troggs but in the meantime she’s seeking favour with Stormwind to convince that suspicious horse seller to hand one over and refining her skill as an engineer. It’s been three hours, 13 minutes and 5 seconds exactly since the last gizmo backfired which is a new record for her. She also wants to get to the bottom of what ever evil lurks behind the Darkmoon Faire. All those injured carnies, plus the ears we hand in… something dodgy is definitely going on.


So, which one would you level first and why?

Ellora the would be Loremaster

As  I’ve already mentioned I want to get a number of alts to 85 by the time the Mists of Pandaria roll across Azeroth. Now, I’m participating in J.D Kenada’s 2012 in 2012 but because my “bad” habit of rolling alts all over the place has paid off so much (I’m already 70 percent of the way there), I thought I’d add a few stumbling blocks of my own.

My Nightelf Mage Ellora is going to be a Loremaster within one day of hitting 85. I completed Loremaster prior to Cataclysm and retracing my steps properly through all the zones has always been something I intended to do. A Nightelf Mage seems like the perfect character to complete it on too.

So what I intend doing is completing both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms before moving on to Outlands. Then finishing Outlands before hitting Northrend and so on. It’s possible I might have to lock experience at some point to make sure I don’t hit 85 too quickly. After all, it’s the journey that’s more important than the destination.

I’m also contemplating levelling my Worgen Shadowpriest entirely through PvP, once (if) she manages to escape from Gilneas.