All I want for Hallows End is ….

Tomorrow heralds the start of my favourite WoW holiday, Hallows End and I’ve got my fingers crossed that these two little no longer alive kittens have made into the festivities. I know the game is already loaded with cats, especially when compared to dogs but still.. you can’t have too many ghost cats can you?

widget1 widget2
birman1 birman2

In fact I could forgo all the other bits and bobs, the apple ducking, the skeletons hanging on cupboards and even the Headless Horseman if only they make it into the game this year. Please Blizzard, after all I’ve been a good little Priest (honest!).

All Grown Up – Wildberri

Wildberri is my third level 90 and certainly the alt who has benefited the most from Lae’s Alt Appreciation. Leveling especially through Pandaria has been an interesting mix of doing stuff we either hadn’t done before or hadn’t paid enough attention to.


Who let the Sha out? …. oh wait, that might have been us.

I’ve also (and this came as a huge surprise to myself) got sucked into pet battling in a big way. Not only have I acquired a lot more level 25 pets but I’ve finally managed to beat all the tamers up to and including Grand Master Aki. In fact quite a bit of my leveling has been done through pet battles as I’ve meandered across Azeroth. I even managed to tame one of these:


Which definitely has to be a contender for the best looking battle pet in-game.

Now that Wildberri is 90 however it’s time to focus on transmogrification. I happened to pick up these pants from the auction house for 2g and thought they would be the perfect starting block. Blue is a great colour for Shamans and given that Elemental Shamans tend to be a target (after all, no one likes the thunderstorms and other freak weather occurrences which tend to happen when they’re in the vicinity), I thought I’d go for dressing as brightly as possible. If you’re going to be a target you might as well be A TARGET!


Ultimately I think I’m aiming for something like this:


I love the blues and bronze tones working together and the purple in the pants matches her skin tone. I just need to find the time and the luck to farm up the RNG pieces.

Next I think I’ll focus on sorting out her gear and generally getting used to playing dps again. I tried the proving grounds the day she dinged but had already consumed several large glasses of wine and my concentration was not the best. Bronze healing and bronze dps was easy enough but I got distracted by bronze tanking and hit a wall of frustration when my healer refused point blank to heal herself. By the time I decided I needed to rethink my tanking tactics it was too late to try again however I’m going to do it one way or another, after all I have a sort of taunt and a shield… what else do tanks need?

I’m also hoping she can take over from Dulca when I hit the wall in the Brawler’s guild but at the moment my Mistweaver monk still does more damage than her so that might be a while off (not sure if it’s purely gear or lack of practice playing the Shaman on my part or just the fact that Mistweavers do silly damage atm) but with gear she’s bound to over take the healer.

Competition time: Pets mean Prizes

I’ve managed to stick  at this blogging lark for over five years now which is a remarkable achievement for me so I thought I’d celebrate with a little competition.

Back in August I wrote a little post about how I’d like to see the Alterac Brew-Dog introduced to the game. Obviously Blizzard decided to go down the Store route but it got me thinking about all the possible stories behind the other pets and potential pets. Therefore my challenge to you is this:

Pick one of the following

1. Store purchased pet

2. Pet available in game through pet battling

3. A creature which exists in game but isn’t yet a mini pet

and describe how you would make it available if you were a game designer. It could be through questing, through a random drop or from something else entirely. Your submission could be screenshot based, purely text or in iambic pentameter if that’s what floats your boat.

The winner (selected by Mr Harpy for impartiality and who knows what his criteria will be, although I will be overseeing) will receive a pet of their choice from the Blizzard store.

If you don’t have a blog you can still email me your submissions and I’ll post them here. My email address is on the right hand side bar (don’t forget to remove the spaces). If you have a blog, post them there just either link them here or email me to make sure I’ve noticed.

The last date for submissions is Sunday the 8th of December and as long as it’s that Sunday somewhere in the world when you email or post it, your entry will be considered.

Any questions feel free to ask, I mostly don’t bite.

The Sincerest form of Flattery

Me and the Auction House now that it’s brimming with pets are a bad combination. Despite still having to build a team to properly take on Major Paine, I decided I couldn’t wait to pick up this particular spirit and some how, without me really thinking about it, money changed hands.


The observant amongst you might notice that she’s named after a character belonging to someone we all know and love. I found myself unable to resist, after all, the spirit is clearly cat like as well as being awesome and inspirational. I still have to test how she reacts when presented with large quantities of Human males though.

So that brings my total of pets named after bloggers to five with still a huge quantity of pets to go to.





Sometimes Vanilla is the flavour you want

I’ve been having a lot of fun revisiting old content this past week.


Especially AQ40 which I hadn’t revisited properly since those halcyon days of raiding it back in the summer of 2006. There was definite sadness in the reflection as we cut a swathe through everything, remembering how once it was an achievement for our guild to manage the corehounds properly or the pain that the trash en route to C’thun caused us, but mostly it was enjoyable.

The Gods of RNG smiled reasonably favorably on me too, racking up 4 out of 12 pets on my way to Mr Bigglesworth.

WoWScrnShot_120112_204916 WoWScrnShot_120112_204955 WoWScrnShot_120112_205021 WoWScrnShot_120112_205142

One from each instance to be specific. Naturally though, the two I want the most, the mini-Gluth that I asked for back in June and the other baby Dog haven’t chosen to make an appearance yet.

I’m glad Blizzard have added another layer of reasons beyond transmogrification and achievements to push people back into visiting old content because a lot of the mechanics are interesting and whilst at first glance the decor might seem a little dull, sometimes beauty can be found glittering like fireflies in the strangest of places. Given that they seem to be diversifying quite a bit, I find myself wishing that they would add current level versions of each of these old classics so that everyone has the opportunity to experience say C’thun as a proper raid experience, not something you wander in and poke in the eye until he gives you shiny things. The old versions would still remain for adventurers wanting a moment’s solace reliving past glories alone or for the ease of pet farming, pet taming or transmogrification runs but it would a bit of extra spice especially in those dark gaps between patches. I’m not arguing for this instead of new content but to run along side it in parallel to flesh out any missing spaces. Think of the opportunities to add new and interesting things, perhaps a mount who looks like Princess Huhuran* for example along side more pets, more clothes and definitely more vanity items.

*Yep I just want to fly around on a giant angry Wasp.


A Happy Harpy Day

The first thing I did yesterday on logging…