Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder – Death Knight Week

So my latest Death Knight has finally escaped the start zone with only one embarrassing death to her name and to celebrate I thought I’d post about the one thing I do love about playing a Death Knight through the first few levels.

The Scenery.

The way it changes as you progress through the various quests had me oohing on the beta and even now, having leveled and then deleted far too many Death Knights, I can spend hours riding around taking screenshots instead of progressing the quest chains.

startzone2startzone01 startzone4startzone3

Although I have to admit I’m also passing fond of the fact that we have to first steal a horse and then enter a shadowy realm to defeat it’s ghostly rider to claim it for our own.

Perhaps I’m more in-tune with Death Knights than I care to admit.

Death Knight week – Inspiration

For today’s Death Knight week post, I want to look at my favourite NPC Death Knights. This maybe in the hope that I’ll get inspired and stop “faffing” about doing anything and everything but leveling a Dk.

Ever since the Wrath Beta I’ve had a soft spot for this lady.


Azeroth’s answer to Romeo, I wish Blizzard would let us find out exactly what’s been happening in Undercity. I mean after all:


Two factions, both alike in dignity,
In fair Azeroth, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life;

Willie Shakespeare knew what he was talking about, it’s a shame he’s not writing the story lines.

Which brings me to Naxxramas, home of some of Azeroth’s most charming Deathknights. First up is the Instructor, perhaps the only Death Knight whose dress sense leaves something to be desired. I have many fond memories of being the only Priest in a 25 man raid who actually knew what their mind control key looked like…. turned out you could solo tank him. Although that might have been penance for the fact that I managed to avoid it in vanilla.

I’m also rather fond of Lady Blaumeux but am too lazy to run Naxxramas to take a picture but I wish Blizzard would add her outfit our at least her hat to the list of things available for transmogrification.

Finally I just love the name of this Death Knight.


As for my own little scrub DK, she’s managed to hit level 56 and take lots of pretty screenshots so maybe there is hope for her yet!

Standing in the Shadows: Death Knight Week

Laeleiweyn had the brilliant idea of celebrating alts class by class over the next eleven weeks and of course I couldn’t resist joining in. Week 1 is Death Knight week and I have to admit my experience with Death Knights has been a little embarrassing and depressing. However not being one to give up, I thought in the spirit of the occasion and all, I’d roll another one.


As you can probably gather from the shot, she hasn’t made it very far yet but I have high hopes that she’ll break my DK luck and actually survive Hellfire. Who knows, she might even manage to hit Zangarmarsh if I’m really lucky.

My goal for her is that by the end of the week, she manages to leave the Death Knight starter zone and annoys some non DK Horde in a couple of Alterac Valleys. Wish me luck!