Fandom Five: My Must See List of Christmas Movies

The Fandom Five is the brainchild of The Nerdy Girlie and Superspace Chick. It’s also meant to be done on Fridays, a level of organisation I just don’t have at this time of year. I love the concept because it takes the form of lists which appeals to the control freak in me and also because of the answers other people give. In this particular case, so many Christmas Movies I never knew existed.

Christmas has me in two states of mind, we have to eat three Christmas dinners in as many days, it never snows like it did in my childhood in central Europe and my parents usually start to argue by 3pm on Christmas Day although I do love wrapping presents, the smell of pomanders and of course Christmas movies so when I saw the latest prompt for the Fandom Five, I knew I had to add my opinion.

So in no particular order:

1. Die Hard I and II

Perhaps not what people might expect from a list of Christmas movies but they’re set at Christmas, are great to snuggle up with a blanket, someone you love and lots of lebkuchen plus they remind you that whilst spending the festive season with your nearest and dearest might at times resemble a war zone, it could be worse, much worse.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This makes both my Halloween and Christmas lists. I love everything about this movie and could watch it on a loop for hours although you do get funny looks singing “This is Halloween” in December.

3. Christmas with the Kranks


This one ticks all the right boxes for me because I suppose it encapsulates my own mixed feelings about Christmas with of course the conclusion that the child in me wants. Every year I secretly toy with the idea of running off abroad for the festive season and every year like clockwork we go to my sister-in-law’s for Christmas Eve, my parents for Christmas Day and the in-laws for Boxing Day.

4. The Wizard of Oz


Growing up, every Christmas this would be on television, it became as much a part of my family festivities as crackers, talent contents on Boxing Day (we’re a competitive family) and elaborately iced Christmas cakes. Whilst the adults drank (male) and cooked (female), we children were banished to the sitting room with a selection of presents and told to watch The Wizard of Oz until food was ready which surprisingly enough, we actually did.

5. Home Alone


What’s not to love about this movie? I used to secretly fantasize about my parents managing to leave the country without me so I could heroically fend off inept burglars with the help of my trusty hound. However my parents never quite managed to lose me to that extent, although Home Alone is one of my Mother’s favourite movies too so perhaps I just have Daddy to blame for that.