Día de los Muertos and the Feast of All Souls: IntPiPoMo 2012

The rules for IntPiPoMo can be found here at Revive & Rejuvenate.

This time of year has to be my favourite, despite being born in the heat of midsummer, I’ve always been a child of the autumn and winter. Preferring cold crisp nights and the smell of apples drifting in on the mist to long hot days. Choosing  Bonfight night with it’s leaping flames casting dancing shadows on the grass and that soft transition period as All Hallows Eve slides silently into the Day of the Dead and then to the Feast of all Souls to the boldness and brashness of the summer holidays. Thus it will come as no surprise to you  that to kick of IntPiPoMo in 2012, I will be starting with images which reflect my love of this time of the year.

I had the privilege to spend la Día de los Muertos in Mexico a few years ago and one of the most beautiful memories I carried back was that of watching the trucks full of marigolds otherwise known as the flower of the dead being brought into the cities in preparation for the Day of the Dead celebrations. I found myself falling in love with the idea that their petals can create a bridge between worlds bringing the dead back for a few scant hours, breadcrumbs for the souls to follow.

We should too, like Webster see the skull (and the rest of the bones) beneath the skin.

Here we see the WoW version, the decorated sugar skulls and the vase full of marigolds whose petals allow us to pierce the veil and give us a fleeting glimpse of what lies beyond the shadows .