Solstice Challenge: Days 20 & 21

Twenty-One Days, starting today, December 1, of things in Azeroth of Light Screenshots, from now until December 21. This works for both sides of the equator, seeing how we’re getting darker days in the North, the South is getting lighter. The only hitch I will add is you have to add a caption or haiku to your screenshot.
The topic/theme is light, and all its incarnations.

Day 20


In that land where a princess sits under lock and key,
Pining behind massive walls.
There gardens surround a palace all of glass;
There Firebirds sing by night
And peck at golden fruit;

Yakov Polonsky

Day 21


Hope’s fire grows when the flames come together.”

For some reason, this little shrine in amongst the farmlands struck a cord with me. Whilst I was flying around trying to make friends with everyone on the farm, I would often stop by and whisper a prayer or two of my own.

Thank you Matty for suggesting this because focusing on things light and airy in these long dark days has helped, not only to spark my imagination but to lift my emotions too.