BETA: New glyphs for healing Priests

The latest crop of healing Priest glyphs have finally made it onto the beta and can be purchased from everyone’s favourite oversized Tauren in the Temple of the Jade Serpent.

I have to say I’m not impressed. I wish I was, I really do but they’re either massively situational (i.e. require you to be dead!), have huge cooldowns (confessions) or take away what little control we already have over a spell (Lightspring).

Without further ado…

The biggest issue I’ve ever had with Lightwell was the control aspect, I fully admit I’m a complete control freak and I like to have full control over my healing arsenal. With Lightwell as it currently stands, I can yell, scream, bitch, name call and generally persuade people to click it. I remember my first raiding recap post at the start of Cataclysm where I talked about this:

The added icing on the cake was tonight my Lightwell provided over 2 million healing. Now that’s something I never expected to see.

In my experience, proper raiders will click on it to stay alive because they’ve already figured out that dead, they can’t top the damage meter. If I’m playing with afkers, muppets and the sort of people who show up to lev 70 battlegrounds wearing the gear they got at lev 1, well then at least I can use it.

So where does the glyph fit in? Well right now and much to my surprise I might add, Lightspring is providing exactly the same amount of healing as Lightwell (albeit when you’re below 50 percent health and only every 5 seconds). Lightspring also isn’t clickable at all so in certain environments like LFR where other healers attempt to use all your charges when out of combat to boost their own healing on the meter and the dps are mostly concentrating on standing in bad stuff it might have a place. Everywhere else, I’m erring towards no. In 5 mans, I know at least one fifth of the group (me) will use the unglyphed version which is good enough for me. In PvP (talking battlegrounds), I’d hate the idea of the undergeared squishy waste of space player on 10 percent health who has contributed virtually nothing “stealing” the charge I was rather hoping for when I’m being beaten up.

When I consider the fights where historically I’ve got the most out of Lightwell, it’s been ones where multiple people get hit at once and can all click for healing there and then. The fact that you can click the Lightwell whilst stunned or otherwise cc’d also adds to it’s unglyphed appeal. Lightspring is specifically designed to work against that with it’s lack of interaction, 5 second cooldown and 50 percent health minimum. Obviously we don’t know enough about encounter design yet but I really don’t see me using this glyph.

That said, I’m glad Blizzard have added it. Options are always good and whilst it’s not my particular cup of tea, I’m sure there will be some Priests who like it or who find a niche for it.

What I would love to see changed however is the visual. Right now Lightwell and Lightspring look indentical and that could lead to all sorts of confusion as people try and click on the Lightspring and whine that the Lightwell didn’t heal them automatically. Lightwell has looked exactly the same since it was introduced in vanilla so it’s about time it got a face lift. This might be asking a bit much but I’d love a Lightwell that looked something like this:

On a considerably smaller scale of course and with added sparkles.

Now onto the minor glyphs.

Despite the fact that you have to do my least favourite thing in the entire game to get any use of out of this particular glyph, I am tempted. I just wish there was an added side effect like perhaps when an enemy dies near you whilst you have this glyph equipped a tiny shadow of a val’kyr flies away from the corpse. Just something to make it fun and usable in situations where you rarely if ever die.

I have to admit I had high hopes for this, with a 30 minute cooldown surely it would force embarrassing secrets from the lips of our guildmates and friends. I imagined myself as a smaller cuter Gnome version of Interrogator Vishas bouncing about demanding to know their “naughty secrets”.

I suppose it depends what you call embarrassing.

Perhaps if I was a Troll this could be perceived as the sort of scandalous secret I want to keep to myself but as a Gnome… it sounds perfectly normal to me.

Unfortunately I know exactly what Tauren tastes like because I accidentally took a bite out of one once! As you can see from these screenshots, in this beta build you can force yourself to confess too.

The two minors I can see me using but right now, I’m struggling to think of a use for Lightspring.

BETA: Holy Priests two weeks in.

General Thoughts

I was bit upset at the thought of losing Mindblast and Mindspike but the glyph of Atonement alongside the reduced cast time on Smite has allayed my fears a lot. The healing part of Atonement also procs our Holy Mastery and whilst in Smite Chakra we’ve got decent punch, especially for questing/grinding. Having Evangelism as a passive of course helps too and instant Holy Fire through the glyph is awesome.

Mass Dispel has what you might call a prohibitive mana cost right now, taking 45,800 mana per cast. On my mana pool (128k because I’m a lv 86 Gnome), I can manage two before having to wait for my mana to recover.

In fact I’d say mana in general is a bit of an issue, not so much for questing/dungeoning but definitely in things of a PvP nature. However I lost a decent chunk of my regen purely from transferring to the Beta and haven’t reforged anything yet. On top of this, it’s early on in the Beta and the game is not balanced around lv 86. I will however be paying close attention as we move towards to 90.

Right now, the prognosis for PvP doesn’t look good. In part due to two things, regen and the self healing of dps classes. I’m a firm believer in the fact that in a 1 v 1, the worst player should lose and right now, I’m not seeing how I as a Holy Priest could beat many dpsers in a one v one because their self healing owns my smite every time.

I’m looking forward to getting our lv 87 spell to see how that mixes things up, plus right now both our lv 15 talent cc spells and fear share the same cooldown. Hopefully that’s an oversight and if it is, fixing it would probably help quite a bit. Also a combination of things which include levelling and losing a wand slot has reduced my resilience by 10 percent which hasn’t helped.


The way in which we enter Chakra states has been changed.

Now it works more like the Mage Portal system and I’m not convinced I like it. Drop down menus are not ideal for swift changing on the run in my opinion and so I’ll probably pop them all on keybinds. However I do love the fact that you don’t have to cast any spell first, it’s just a case of picking the right Chakra. Also to swap to another Chakra, you just click the one you want so it’s definitely an upgrade in terms of user friendliness.

Divine Hymn is currently rather lacklustre compared to it’s live version. At 86, it’s healing for around 13k (in Chakra Sanctuary) but Beta is Beta and numbers can easily be adjusted. It still has the 3 minute cooldown and given that it’s Holy only, balancing it should be easy.


Void Tendrils I love in principle but in practise I’m not so sure.

At lv 86 they have 33370 k health, they don’t inherit our resilience and since I’ve crit for higher myself whilst in Smite Chakra, you can imagine what most dpsers will do to them. I tried testing them in a series of duels yesterday but because fellow Alliance players can’t attack them at the moment even whilst dueling it’s a little hard to come to any concrete conclusions. So far the only snare removal which worked was Escape Artist and they are lasting the full 20 seconds against players but I imagine these are bugs which will be ironed out way before Mists goes live. For PvE though, especially the first sets of heroic dungeons with dodgy tanks, I imagine these could be very handy indeed. They are also great for questing, given that they only have a 30 second cooldown.

Void Shift is my new favourite toy and despite being a bit concerned about it’s griefing potential in PvP, I think it’s a solid tool with lots of useful applications.

As you can see from this screenshot, you don’t need other players to be in the vicinity to benefit from it. So far I’ve tested it with my Void Tendrils, Basil the Shadowfiend and as shown here my Lightwell. As illustrated here, the health swap count as a heal as does  the “then heal the lower health target by 25%” and therefore as Holy both proc our mastery (or at least it would have if I’d used it on something that can be healed).

You can make macros to use it quickly and efficiently too.

/target Lightwell
/cast Void Shift

Would be one example.

Edit: Unfortunately the next beta build “fixed” it so that Void Shift can only be cast on player party and raid members. Meaning that lightwell, tendrils, hunter’s pets, shadowfiends and the like are all out of the equation. You could still macro it to work with other players though.

All in all, I was really happy until I duelled people last night. I think we’ve still got a way to go but I’m really liking a few of the changes, including ones I thought I’d hate. I’d like to see Mind Control back as baseline and I still dislike Spirit of Redemption (also turning into an angel when you lose a duel but don’t die…… grr!) but other than that, considering how early a Beta phase it is, I’m feeling pretty positive.

I started out by trying Disc before switching back to my one and only love, Holy and I definitely think Holy is in the better place right now.