All Grown Up – Wildberri

Wildberri is my third level 90 and certainly the alt who has benefited the most from Lae’s Alt Appreciation. Leveling especially through Pandaria has been an interesting mix of doing stuff we either hadn’t done before or hadn’t paid enough attention to.


Who let the Sha out? …. oh wait, that might have been us.

I’ve also (and this came as a huge surprise to myself) got sucked into pet battling in a big way. Not only have I acquired a lot more level 25 pets but I’ve finally managed to beat all the tamers up to and including Grand Master Aki. In fact quite a bit of my leveling has been done through pet battles as I’ve meandered across Azeroth. I even managed to tame one of these:


Which definitely has to be a contender for the best looking battle pet in-game.

Now that Wildberri is 90 however it’s time to focus on transmogrification. I happened to pick up these pants from the auction house for 2g and thought they would be the perfect starting block. Blue is a great colour for Shamans and given that Elemental Shamans tend to be a target (after all, no one likes the thunderstorms and other freak weather occurrences which tend to happen when they’re in the vicinity), I thought I’d go for dressing as brightly as possible. If you’re going to be a target you might as well be A TARGET!


Ultimately I think I’m aiming for something like this:


I love the blues and bronze tones working together and the purple in the pants matches her skin tone. I just need to find the time and the luck to farm up the RNG pieces.

Next I think I’ll focus on sorting out her gear and generally getting used to playing dps again. I tried the proving grounds the day she dinged but had already consumed several large glasses of wine and my concentration was not the best. Bronze healing and bronze dps was easy enough but I got distracted by bronze tanking and hit a wall of frustration when my healer refused point blank to heal herself. By the time I decided I needed to rethink my tanking tactics it was too late to try again however I’m going to do it one way or another, after all I have a sort of taunt and a shield… what else do tanks need?

I’m also hoping she can take over from Dulca when I hit the wall in the Brawler’s guild but at the moment my Mistweaver monk still does more damage than her so that might be a while off (not sure if it’s purely gear or lack of practice playing the Shaman on my part or just the fact that Mistweavers do silly damage atm) but with gear she’s bound to over take the healer.

A Screenshot a Day – Fruit

In a moment of possible madness I decided to attempt Tycertank’s November challenge.

Today’s prompt is “Fruit”.


A spoonful of sugar: The Jade Witch

The shared topic this week over at Blog Azeroth is:

to consider the nicest, cutest, sappiest, and sweetest quests in the game; nothing sad or depressing, but sweet and light.

suggested by Matty.

Now I’m not particularly good at sappy, cute and sweet, so I decided to pick a quest chain which I happen to adore but has overtones of sadness intermingled with the sweet gingerbreadiness.

This little quest chain has all the hallmarks of a fairytale. When you start out, it’s almost as a disbeliever, accompanying the child because it’s the polite thing to do but …. a witch… in these woods.


As you wind your way deeper into the forest towards her cottage, the atmosphere darkens. Less light manages to fight it’s way through the canopy above, the air takes on a jade hue and suddenly you start to think that perhaps there could be a witch in the woods.

The Double Hozen Dare.

There is a witch in the woods but no one believes me. She turned my friend Shin into jade!

We were all so scared we tried to run back but she sicced her big jade monsters on us. A bunch of my friends tried to get away by climbing trees.


Even I have to admit there are few things cuter than a Panda cub climbing a giant bamboo shoot to escape being turned into jade.  Then once you’ve rescued An Windfur’s fellow cubs, she tasks you with saving her best friend from the Witch.


This for me at least is where the tinge of sadness enters the frame. The witch is always a witch, not a wife, not a widow, not a woman who lives alone and keeps jade cats but a witch, especially in the eyes of the children.


Then there are her reasons for keeping her sculpture garden.

Have you come to pay your respects at the shrine of my husband? He was a hero you know. A master of Jade crafting and fighting. He was to be remembered forever they said.

Do you like my statues? I craft them with special care saving only the best to provide my husband company and protection.

She’s not evil (at least by Azerothian standards), she just wants company and to honour the memory of her dead (or possibly turned to jade in an act of sacrifice) husband.

The other reason I love this quest chain is because it reminds me of one of my favourite stories from my childhood, that of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe“. I find myself wondering if it’s any coincidence that the Jade Witch of Warcraft can turn people into jade and Jadis, otherwise known as the White Witch can turn people into stone.

Like all fairy tales involving witches, you’re left with a slight feeling of sickness, as if you ate an entire gingerbread house by yourself. I haven’t failed completely though, there are plenty of cute, light and sweet moments in these quests. I particularly like rescuing the cubs and of course getting my very own jade raccoon at the end.

Falling in love all over again.

First impressions are so important. We make snap judgements all the time based on nothing more than the experiences of a few minutes, sometimes even less. If I’m being a hundred percent honest, I have to admit that my initial reaction to MoP was a bit less than positive. After twenty minutes or so of this:

I was starting to get a little grumpy, especially since Mr Harpy was stuck in limbo somewhere and couldn’t even log on. However the more I played, the more I got drawn in. Not only is the landscape stunningly beautiful but in many regards, MoP ticks all my mental boxes. The quest chains range from the fun to the serious as do the rewards. Both Theramore and Southshore get mentioned by the NPCs in the first ten minutes and there is a real sense of a world at war (at least from the Alliance perspective). The Sha, the bad guys of the piece are introduced in act one and have their nasty nature spelt out for us just to make sure there will be no misunderstandings later. The little details are important and I feel that Blizzard have nailed most of them spot on, from the voice acting for a lot of the quests which really helps bring them to life to the little scenes being played out by the NPCs.

I also think I’m in love with Sky Admiral Rogers, not only is she clearly a ganker at heart but the moment when she told Admiral Taylor to “put his big boy pants on” was jaw-droppingly perfect. A few more like her and the Horde won’t stand a chance.

So far I’ve only run the first two dungeons but again, I have nothing negative to say about either of them. I loved the idea of Temple of the Jade Serpent with it’s library of possessed scrolls from the beta but having now run through the Brewery, I’m not sure I could pick a favourite.

Stories coming to life versus the adorable Vermling, it’s a hard one to call.

In short, I’m basically back to vanilla. The little wide eyed girl in a candy shop trying to do everything at once because there is so much to see, to listen to and to play with. In the Cataclysm drought I found myself questioning why I was playing WoW and whether I wanted to continue but now two days into MoP, I’m rather glad I chose to continue.

BETA: A few of my favourite places (Jade Forest)

Mind Vision is awesome ❤