Solstice Challenge: Moonlight

I left work early today, tired out by petty squabbles and general whines and whilst sipping my hazelnut latte, I discovered Matty’s Solstice Challenge.

Twenty-One Days, starting today, December 1, of things in Azeroth of Light Screenshots, from now until December 21. This works for both sides of the equator, seeing how we’re getting darker days in the North, the South is getting lighter. The only hitch I will add is you have to add a caption or haiku to your screenshot.

The topic/theme is light, and all its incarnations.

Day 1


Staring at the statue, for a brief moment the Priestess was back to being barely more than a child seated in the old Temple Gardens. “The shrouds of Shadows are velvet soft to the touch, warm and fill the caster’s mind with whispers of false comfort”, their instructor had intoned, “On the other hand, the Light makes no promises, takes no prisoners. Wield her with honesty in your heart or she will burn the darkness from your soul”.

Yep, Erinys in her real Night Elf incarnation is coming back!

Day 2


Even ghostly witches love the moonlight and when the harvest moon rises full and fat, look to the skies.