Day 8 of the #Wowscreenshotaday challenge: Peekaboo


I am a huge fan of Hogger as well as of the Darkmoon Faire so as soon as I saw today’s topic in the list, I knew just what I wanted to screenshot. The fact that this is one of my favourite Darkmoon dailies is incidental.

I’m actually in the process of figuring out a pattern to turn him into a plushie so he can sit next to my Darkmoon Dolly planning dark and evil things, possibly involving Gnomes.

It’s quite possible that this will be my last entry for a bit as we get the keys to our new house tomorrow and what with all the moving and such, I’m not really going to be in a position to take screenshots however I will be back and of course will be looking at everyone else’s during the long journey backwards and forwards with all our stuff.

To the tune of “O Tannenbaum”

Today I was meant to decorate our Christmas Tree, however I got slightly distracted. Five hours of Downton Abbey later, all I had to show for my time was this:

He’s far from perfect but for a first attempt with scrap material, I’m pretty happy with him. When things calm down after Christmas I want to try making a much bigger and properly 3D version.