Fire Festival Transmogrifications

In honour of the Fire Festival (and inspired by Kamelia) I’ve been playing around with the various outfits worn by my most commonly played characters. Each one is wearing one piece of Fire Festival specific clothing either from the set or the tabards you get from slaying Ahune.





A Wild Blueberry appears

This week is Shaman week and by some serendipitous coincidence that just happens to be the class I’m currently leveling.


This is Wildberri and her faithful balancing hound taking a moment out from a hard day’s questing and pvping to relax in the fresh Elwynn air. Named for a herbalist in one of my favourite books, so far she’s been great fun. It’s been a while since I played a Shaman and there have been a few “interesting” changes like being able to move whilst casting lightning bolt but most of all, I’m looking forward to being able to hex people into a compy (to the point that I bought the glyph when I was below level 10 in anticipation). The one thing which doesn’t seem to have changed at all though is people complaining that you didn’t heal them in low level battlegrounds. Yep, clearly I rolled an Elemental Shaman to heal low healthed random Rogues…. not run up to packs of Horde as a Ghostwolf and then punt them off the nearest cliff.. yep it was definitely to heal other people.

My previous Shaman experiences were all back in the Burning Crusade where I had a brief stint raiding as a Heroism and Brainheal botbuff, not I have to admit my most exciting raid role ever. Thus I’m looking forward to exploring the class all over again plus throwing as many Goblins, Orcs and other assorted Horde off cliffs, planets and whatever other edges the game presents. Remember Theramore!

Mog Madness – Round 3 (Riding a Wave of Success).

Much to my surprise, I discovered that I’d managed to make it into round 3 of Mog Madness. Our task this week was to incorporate the Wavemender’s Mantle into an outfit for either a Shaman or a Hunter.

In the end I decided to dress up my Shaman as she was my main during the Black Temple period. After a close look at the shoulders I thought I’d start by finding something to contrast and work with their grey feathery edges. I went for the breastplate because not only does it match colour-wise but it’s polished metal surface adds a tactile contrast to the fluffy looking feathers adjoining it.

The “kilt” was an obvious choice to follow on with that concept. There are bronze feathers to tie into the shoulders as well as greys to match up with chestpiece.

The weapons presented a bit more of a challenge. I wanted them to reflect the fact that during the Black Temple, she was resto which limited me to choices I would have made back them, i.e. a main hand plus shield.

As the colour palette for the whole ensemble is fairly muted, I decided I would try and bring out the bright blue baubles on the shoulders. The mace does that fairly well I think, with both it’s glow and the fact that it’s bronze in colour. The shield was a slightly harder choice but in the end I went with it for two reasons. First of all, it’s over all colours do tie in with the rest of the outfit and secondly, I love shields with faces on them (hey, it’s as good a reason as any other!).