The State of my Game

This last few weeks have been a little intense but in amidst the roller coaster ride, perhaps I’ve made the first step towards building my confidence.


For the first time since December 2010, I stepped into a raid this weekend. I spent most of Saturday questioning my sanity in signing up in the first place because everything was bound to go badly. As the clock ticked around towards raid time, I found myself hoping for a black out or a ghost pirate attack (we do live by the sea) but nothing out of the ordinary happened. The first hour or two fed all my insecurities as we learnt the fight and I found my  feet and my keybinds again. By hour three ish however I was starting to remember the good things I like about raiding, especially when you kill something with people whose company you choose. By the end of the night, around five hours after we started, I was even contemplating setting up teamspeak on my computer although that might be a step too far for the moment.

It looks as if killing Garrosh this expansion might actually be possible. Theramore will be revenged!

An obsession with Scenarios


So in order to upgrade my gear, I’ve been trying to cap out my valor each week and my favourite method is running scenarios and attempting to beat Mr Harpy at dps in the process. Being able to pull 70k to 100k dps as a Mistweaver even though my gear isn’t brilliant is one of the awesome aspects of being a Monk.

Two “person”ing

With more confidence comes more challenges and we’ve started trying to run old raids again as a healer/dps combo.  The ultimate aim is Firelands but we’ve started doing Cataclysm content beginning with the Tol Barad bosses on 10 man.


Blogging challenges

I’m so behind with these but this weekend it’s catch up time.

Then of course there are all the other posts half written in my notebook on everything from lore to the possibilities of the next expansion to my noodle cart fueled desire to make noodle soups.

Finally I have a purpose in logging.