Brewfest Day Dreams

This is purely wishful thinking on my part, my imagination sparked by this image:


which I discovered on MMO-Champion.

Brewfest is fast approaching and it’s long overdue for a revamp. What if Blizzard added Brewfest St Bernards battle pets to snowy areas during the festival? Obviously on a busy enough spawn timer that anyone who wanted one could capture one. Imagine the precedent this would set too. During Hallows End, perhaps the cemeteries of Azeroth could teem with mini Banshees just screaming to be tamed or during the Fire Festival, we could have little flames hanging out by every fire.

The alternative would be a quest chain. On attending the Brewfest, you’re approached by a sad looking Monk. His trusted beer carrying rescue dog is injured and can’t fight the good fight, carrying beer to the lost. The first quest would involve finding some healing herbs to help the poor dog and then you’d be sent off to various snowy mountains in WInterspring, the Snow Peaks and Dun Morogh to save people by giving them beer. On your return the Monk would be so impressed with your awesome mountain climbing skills, he’d offer you your very own St Bernard puppy so that you could carry on saving lives.

Or Blizzard could just give us one, after all, they’ve been promising ponies for years and in the patch of the “Crazy cat lady” title, surely we dog lovers deserve a bone!