My First Love was a Warlock

It’s Warlock week, one of my secret guilty pleasures along with haribo, cherry coke and running around in the rain. My ever first proper character back in those “innocent” days when battlegrounds were still a figment of the imagination was a Warlock and I loved it. I have many happy memories of hiding behind a wall in Crossroads soul firing people for silly amounts not to mention being accused of cheating in duels because I used “fear”…… Then there was the fun of having to take breaks from PvP every so often to go farm soul shards in a higher level area. That said I really did enjoy playing a Warlock even in the days when every Rogue worth their daggers rolled Undead for the dual bonus of Will of the Forsaken and being able to munch away at your fallen corpse whilst you consulted the combat log to see exactly what happened whilst you were stunned. However despite reaching Knight-Captain in about four weeks of the new PvP system and despite enjoying defending Southshore and attacking the Crossroads, I allowed myself to give in the to the siren lure of healing and rerolled Priest.

Instead of creating the character I thought most represented me, I picked that which I wanted to be (which with hindsight shows a disturbing glimpse into my psyche).


Yep, I really went through a phase of wishing to be blonde and slightly bovine looking.

Since then, I’ve had several attempts at playing a Warlock. This one is abandoned on Kazzak, quite possibly the last female Human Warlock on that server (yep, the Alliance really are that extinct there).


She also looks slightly more like the real me, although my eyes aren’t quite that colour and I have been known to smile.


Finally we have my baby Warlock who is also my first proper attempt at playing a Dwarf. She is a Wildhammer gone wrong complete with hair dye (to be like her hero Saripal Smolderbrew) and bags of attitude as befits someone who knows they are doing something which will really annoy their parents.


The Worst Warlock

To celebrate her second anniversary, Saga over at Spellbound is hosting a “worst dressed Warlock” competition.

So let’s turn it around. Let’s find the worst possible Warlock outfit available in the game. Something that would make other Warlocks shun you and not let you near them. Something that would make your demon take one look at you and return back to the Twisting Nether laughing all the way.

Naturally I couldn’t resist joining in.

I’ve always thought of Warlocks as the “Fords” of WoW, wearing any colour as long as it’s black. Spikes, bleeding hearts and skulls being optional extras, the more glitz you can pack on an outfit, the better you look and everyone knows Warlocks are all about style, sex and stealing souls.

So if that’s fashion 101 for a Warlock, what would a self respecting demon summoner never been seen in? Floral prints, fluffy sweaters with kittens on them, Mage gear?

Unfortunately WoW doesn’t offer us the “fluffy sweater with kittens on” option, so I had to settle for the fresh flowers and Mage gear. Everything in the first two outfits is suitable for transmogrification, unfortunately the final option is purely for hanging out in the city of your choice scaring impressionable Imps.

Outfit 1.

I call this “hug a Tree of Life today!”

She is barefoot on purpose, all the better for feeling the grass wriggle under her feet.

Outfit 2.

“The I really wanted to be a Mage but wandered into the wrong classroom whilst distracted by a fluffy bunny hopping by” look. By the time she realised her mistake, they’d already got her signature in blood and handed out an annoying imp. Once you’ve got the demons and the scythe, there’s no way out, not even dying!

Outfit 3.

Finally, I got a bit obsessed with fluffy jumpers, the sort that my Great Aunts would produce every Christmas which led to this brain wave. We might not have sweaters with kittens on, but we do have a suitably tasteless one to play with. This is Snowdrop, my baby lock  modelling the latest in Winter Veil carolling gear. Just the thing for the discerning Warlock to run a mile from (even more so when she starts to sing!).

So Happy Anniversary Saga, I hope I’ve conjured up three horrific ensembles, the likes of which could make your Voidwalker sacrifice himself and your Succubus turn her whip on you. I know that in order to convince my Warlocks to model them, I had to send their demons away and promise them that no one would ever see the pictures…. (whoops!).

Also no Warlocks or demons were seriously hurt in the making of these transmogrifications, other than an Imp who almost died of laughter when he sneaked back from the Twisting Nether to have a closer look.