#WoWscreenshotaday – A Hallows End Alphabet

For the first time ever, I’ve actually managed to finish one of Tycertank’s screenshot a day prompts. Clearly having it being Hallows End helped me focus or perhaps it was the nebulousness of the prompts themselves which inspired me. Either way, without any further ado.. here are the rest of my screenshots for October and have a happy Halloween!


O is for Owl


P is for Pumpkins


Q is for Queen


R is for Rider of Blood


S is for Skeletons cooking in a pot


T is for Tattiebogle


U is for Undead


V is for Vile


W is for Witch


X is for X’avius


Y is for Yogg-Saron


Z is Zealots


One Giant Pumpkin wearing a Witch’s Hat


Two blood tinged pillars of crystal


Three impaled Orcs


Four Hanging Skulls

Five scary children wearing pointy hats


#WoWscreenshotaday – A Hallows End Alphabet

Once again Tycertank is running her #WoWscreenshotaday prompt and this month, it’s the alphabet we’re dealing with. I’ve decided to go with a Halloween/Hallows End theme for the rest of the month simply because it’s that time of year when the air smells of crisp apples and damp fog sidles in from the sea, a time for ghost stories and glancing twice at the flickering shadows.

H is for Haunted House


I is for Imp


J is for Jack O’ Lantern


K is for Kel’Thuzad or at least his image!


L is for Lantern


M is for Mausoleum


N is for Necropolis



#WoWscreenshotaday: The October Diaries

Tycertank that temptress is yet again running her #WoWscreenshotaday prompt. I admit it feels somewhat fortuitous because I seem to have stopped taking and posting screenshots with anywhere near the frequency I used to. However whether or not I make it to the end of the month still remains to be seen. I particularly like the prompt this time around though because it seems to me at least to give way more scope.

A is for Apple Tree.


B is for Boat.


C is for Carriage or Coach.


D is for Downpour, Drenched and Drowned which most of Menethil is these days.


E is for  Éboulement. Now this might seem like cheating to some however you can use it in English although you might get called pretentious.


F is for Fishing.


G is for Ghost.


Days 6 through 9: A Screenshot A Day

The next installment of Tycertank’s A Screenshot A Day challenge.

Day 6 – Music


Day 7 – Yes. Yes it’s finally time for walkies!


Day 8 – Someone I miss. Although with our return to Draenor on the horizon, we might be about to meet again. It’s about time he had another setback or six.


Day 9 – Mine. I have been waiting for this glyph ever since my Shaman first crawled from the wreckage of a broken ship and now it’s mine.


Days 2 through 5: A Screenshot A Day

What with all the screenshot challenges floating around, I’m sort of playing catch up but here’s days 2 through 5 of Tycertank’s November “A Screenshot A Day”.

Day 2: I did this today


Cast sideways glances at the Human King, that’s what I did today. It turns out he’s quite partial to long walks on the beach, followed by a spot of slaughtering Orcs to get the blood really pumping. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but put it this way, it’s not just Hilda’s horns which waggle!!!!

Day 3: P is for


Party!!!! which is precisely what this gentleman is doing. Clearly he was so impressed by Dulca’s awesome Mistweaver DPS, he just can’t stop dancing.

Day 4: Table


Is it marginally arrogant on Blizzard’s part to have their NPCS playing Hearthstone? Maybe but I have to admit I rather like the board.

Day 5: I collect

Gnomes. Cute little Gnomes with awesome names. In fact I’m working on amassing an entire army of them so that we can put this into practice.

Together: A Screenshot A Day

As I failed horribly during the August version of this, I’m trying harder in September.

Day 1 – Together


Together we can do anything! Including killing Commanders in the Barrens. As there were only two of us it did take a while but we got there in the end. As it turns out the melee ones are actually easier than this dead lady for a dps Monk and a healer Monk. It also helps to know what her effects do before you start the fight as I didn’t see the 450k from her totems coming until I was rather dead.

Days 20 through 24 – #WoWscreenshotaday

Here I am again playing catch up with Tycertank’s “A Screenshot a Day“.

Day 20 – Stairs


Day 21 – Slow


Day 22 – A room


Day 23 – Yellow


Day 24 – In the Background




Days 16, 17, 18 & 19 of the Screenshot Challenge

Today I play catch up slightly.

Day 16 – Cooking

what's cooking

One of my favourite grey items in-game has to be the Exotic cook book which teaches us to how cook man so this seemed like the perfect shot to illustrate cooking.

1. Get one or eight man
2. Hit man hard
3. Hit man more
4. Put man in fire
5. Eat man

Day 17 – Exercise

This is something I’ve been getting far too much of recently as what seemed like a good idea at the time (boxes full of books) turned out not to be. I was a bit wary of swimming naked in a Goblin pool surrounded by level 90 guards but it seems that they really didn’t mind a Night Elf doing laps. If I were Garrosh I’d be really worried about exactly what’s going on in Azshara.


Day 18 – Someone I spoke today

I tend to talk to her on a regular basis. In fact she’s almost like my secret Panda crush. It’s the irresistible combination of her name, her outfit and her description I suspect.


Day 19 – Lost

This happens far too often to me. My job involves visiting people in their flats and I have a map of the city in which I work in my handbag at all times.


That’s me caught up and hopefully this time around, I’ll manage to stay roughly synchronized with everyone else.

Day 7 of the #WoWscreenshotaday Challenge: A Sign


I knew instantly what I wanted to post for today’s installment. This cheerful little scene is what greets the weary traveler wishing to get from Duskwood to the Swamp of Sorrows. I would imagine the hanged men dangling from the tree and the skeleton sitting at the foot of the actual sign help re-reinforce the message or perhaps they could be a sign in themselves too. We throw the bones and we read the Hanged man’s card and maybe we see from that just as clearly as we do the sign reading “Keep out” and “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.

Fresh: Day 4 of the Daily Screenshot Challenge

The word of today is Fresh and since I’m on a semi health kick at the moment, what better than a field of vegetables.


It doesn’t get much fresher than this.