About the Harpy

I started playing WoW way back in March 2005 entirely by accident. My boyfriend, who had played the original Warcraft games, spotted it in our local supermarket and out of curiousity more than anything, we picked up one copy. By the time our first character (he was mostly playing whilst I watched over his shoulder) was level 35ish, we were both hooked.

My first character was a warlock, but it didn’t take long before I made my first priest and fell head over heels with the class and healing in general. Since those first learning days of pvp in the Barrens and fighting our way through the Molten Core, I’ve raided virtually all content, met plenty of “interesting” people and had a lot of fun playing this game.

At the moment I’m playing pretty casually, focusing on my stable of alts in the run up to the next expansion.

So why the Harpy’s Nest?

When I was a little girl, My Grandmother gave me an old book that had belonged to her Grandmother. On the front cover was a picture of a bird woman caught in full flight, a sly, somewhat cruel expression on her face which was at odds with the vibrancy and delicacy of her feathers. She was both beautiful and repugnant and in those first few minutes gazing at the front cover I was hooked. Harpies might not be the most glamourous or respectable creatures ever to have crawled out of a mythology book, but to me at least they are fascinating.

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