Of hatchlings, Ironbound and Oracle

Minor bragging first of all.

Our dpsers stopped taking a bath in the water bomb and we got Firefighter down which led to this:


A bit of whining. Its impossible to get an instance for any Vanilla content at the moment, even at 3.45am so my planed post on another of my favourite old world instances will have to wait until they either upgrade their servers or kick some Horde off it.

Finally, what is it with people sending dragons and orphans through the mail service. Perhaps more importantly which is worse? cramming a small scared but curious orphan into a padded envelope or squishing up a rather large and fire breathing dragon into one. I’m tending toward the orphan because we already know Brann is slightly crazy but what on earth was the matron thinking.

Oh and Oracle hatchling > all. Even though he has fangs, what looks like someone else’s bones as a facial decoration and a tendency to eat bugs between meals.

Ganking Lowbies

Now dont get me wrong, I love pvp as much as the next person, but I really dont understand the mentality of people who just hang out at zones 50 levels lower than those they should be questing, killing greys. Today we visited Tarren Mill to discover a lv 70 hunter running around killing npcs and baby horde. Then we moved to STV to start doing Tamung’s weapon quest and low and behold there is another 70, a warrior this time again killing lowbies.

Which leads me to the reason for this post. Someone posted whilst ranting on the official forums that people who gank lowbies all have sucky arena ratings and fail at fighting their own levels so take out their lack of epeen on lv 20s. Now I tend to take everything i read on said forums with a pinch of salt, after all people are usually too busy complaining, fighting or trying to protect their own bruised egos but that one comment got me thinking. Luckily I keep a stack of postit notes by the computer and I made a note of all their names and checked their amoury profiles… would you believe it… their average rating was 1300 in 2 v 2.

So Zamppa and Snappyah, this post is for you two pvp gods 😀

On a slightly more bragging note, we had our first proper pvp today. Running around in 1000 needles finishing a couple of quests a lv 41 squid mage decided to be a hero and try and aoe two little orcs. He died and gave 3 honor points, my first 3 to be exact. Your first always needs to be immortalised in print so hello Sötsomsocker.

I have to admit the reason I dont lowbie gank is simply because you look so stupid when it all goes wrong. When your target/s fight back, kite you to guards, produce 70s out of the bushes or anything else sneaky. On the other hand, managing to be a lowbie who successfully kills a skull by clever use of terrain/tactics/pots is one great feeling.