Sleeping Beauty awakens

When I first read that Blizzard were making transfers from PvE servers to PvP servers available, I was a tad annoyed. After all the Gnomeling had just leveled another warrior precisely because they had been adamant that they would never offer that service.

Then I thought about it and primarily about my other priest, little Dornröschen (which translates as Little Briarrose, the name given to Sleeping Beauty in the Grimm Brothers’ version of the fairystory, a name that seemed so fitting for an undead) who was for all intents and purposes abandoned on a dead PvE server.

So fastforward a few days, and lo and behold, Dorn and the gnomeling’s orginal warrior (Tabasco) are now safely rehoused on the same PvP server that our two Orclings call home.

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