What to Wear – the Gnome Priest Edition

Dressing a gnome is not an easy task, too much cleavage is a definite no no. The tier sets tend to look as if we’re playing dress up and trousers aren’t too hot either. So after much playing around with Atlas Loot, I’ve come to the conclusion that, post patch 4.3, I shall be PvPing looking something like this:

Helm: Lv 60 PvP one. A bit like the reprogramming device from A Clockwork Orange, it appears to prevent you from blinking as well as adding a bit of a feral yellow hint to the eyeball.

If for whatever reason, it’s not suitable for transmogrification, my second choice would be: Vishas’ Hood which is a quest reward from the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard wing.

Shoulders: Burial Shawl. This can drop off any of the six mini-bosses in Scholomance.

Chest: Coldtouched  Phantom Wraps which drops from Baroness Anastari in Stratholme. I love the detail and the colours on this robe.

Staff: Good old tentacle staff from Karazhan.

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