MoP Bucket List

I like lists, they give purpose and clarity to my thinking. In fact the first thing I do every Monday morning at work is glance over last week’s list and then make a new shiny one for the week ahead.

I know that the next expansion isn’t even being beta tested yet but it’s time in my head at least to finalize what I want to achieve before we’re all heading off to a brave new world.

Non-character specific

  • Reach 14000 achievement points. I’m currently at 13215 so that’s quite a bit to go but I have plenty of options to tick off.
  • Get a Magical pet to 25
  • Get an Elemental pet to 25
  • Defeat Garrosh and my stupid lack of self confidence at the same time.
  • Explore Vashj’ir properly. This is the only exploring achievement I still haven’t completed.


  • Make friends with everyone on the farm
  • Get Cooking to 6oo, do the Master of the Ways and pick up the Cooking School Bell
  • Farm the other 8000 Dinosaur Bones I require for the mount
  • Complete rank 6 in the Brawler’s Guild as a Mistweaver
  • Get Endless Healer on the Proving Grounds.
  • Master of Alterac Valley, only 33 graveyards to go.


  • 35 reputations ticked off
  • Exalted with the Oracles
  • Collect Oracle Eggs until one miraculously turns into a Dragon.
  • Argent Tournament goodies. I need more tokens to be able to buy the mounts I still have outstanding.
  • Finish up Frostbitten



  • Finish farming the Oshu’gun Crystal Powder I need (in the region of 300ish) to grab the two Halaa mounts. I already have the tokens you get from pvp, it’s just the grind I’ve been putting off.


  • Level so that I can tame one of these beauties


This will definitely do as a starting point. I’d like to level a Horde Hunter for example, probably an Orc to tick the dual boxes of rescuing Spot from Theramore and also being able to explore Draenor at some point on a Orc. I’d also like to level a Dwarf Mage or Worgen Mage, I can’t decide which would fit the name of Havisham best but these can wait.

5 Responses

  1. […] I had been admiring Erinys’ bucket list and wishing I were that organized but I think I may have completed the two things I really wanted. […]

  2. NIce to see Liouxpold isn’t the only one who is after said kitten. The moment I saw one I knew he had to have it. It’s unfortunate as Gabriel is the old cat skin from Felwood. But I would much rather have the tiger.

    I want to make a list as well, but as I’ve just gotten back, I’m not entirely sure what it is I want to do in the grand scheme of things (though getting Tum to 90 knocked off the first one). Once I settle in a bit more, perhaps. I’ve always thought of these as a great way to get organized and also to see if one has any real purpose for playing between now and a new expansion.

    • Since actually committing mine to black and white, I’ve already ticked off a couple of items, I’d be ignoring but were secretly bugging me like Explore Vashj’ir so I can definitely recommend it.

      There is just something majestic about those tigers. I can’t wait to grab mine, I think he might end up being called “Henry”.

  3. I like this idea. I think I’ll try and put together a MoP bucket list of my own. 🙂

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