Topic 21: I’m not a hoarder, honest!

I’ve been meaning to join in with Z and Cinder’s fortnightly blog challenge for a while and this prompt is most definitely apt. It doesn’t matter how big the bags and bank get, space is constantly something I seem to lack.

So what is in my bags?

I have a soft spot for Griftah, dubious Troll and seller of possibly useful but probably junk items. Plus if I don’t carry such talismans such as the Infallible Tikbalang Ward and I get carried off by a Tikbalang, well then I’d feel rather silly wouldn’t I.

Who knows whether I get shiny loot because of my Talisman of True Treasure Tracking or not (okay, it’s probably not but would you risk it?).


I know they say some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, well Erinys carries someone else’s heart in her bags and bank. It’s okay, she took them from a Forsaken Warlock or two so it’s as not if they needed it to function or anything.

Looting them from a corpse was a bit icky and probably frowned upon when it comes to treating the enemy with respect on the battlefield but sometimes you have to fight fire with soulfire and it’s not as if the Forsaken are known for keeping their sticky mitts off other people’s body parts is it. She also has a couple of vials of Darkspear Troll Mojo which also found their way into her bags from the mostly dead bodies of a few Trolls during those first skirmishes in Alterac Valley.


My original Blizzard Baby bear also lurks within a bag. I know I could delete it and that it’s safely captured within my pet tab but I can’t quite bring myself to do so. Apparently it was Blizzard’s 4th anniversary gift to us, so it also acts as a reminder of just how long I’ve been playing.


I also carry far too many potions for various things including speed pots (running away from angry Horde, primarily Bloodelf Paladins wielding huge swords) and invisibility pots (hiding is a useful skill). Plus those Darkmoon Tigers and such seem to breed in my bags, get two end up with 20. It’s very disturbing.


This challenge has proved useful both in terms of tidying up and also of reminding me how much fun I’ve had playing over the years. It turns out that at some point I picked up a Brawler’s Guild invitation that I knew nothing about, not to mention the small collection of shadowgems my Shaman had been working on and all the old sentimental junk I’ve been hanging on to (keeping the hearts though). I now have bag space although I suspect it’s purely a temporary measure.

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  1. I have some of those old “remnant” pets on my guild bank toon. I have issues with deleting them also. I see some stuff there that I have… Mallet of Zul’Farrak, Scepter of Celebras, Scourgestones, and some Winterfall Spirit Beads. (as well as some other rep items) Pretty cool!

    • Ty, hated Maraudon but can’t bring myself to bin the Scepter. Ditto with the scourgestones, when you couldn’t get soul shards in PvP, I used to farm in the Plaguelands before doing battlegrounds/world pvp. I should probably hand in the Winterfall beads though :p

  2. Hah I carry such things too, like those from Griftah…Aw and the Baby Blizzard Bear 😀

    ‘Nice’ little story behind the heart. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing o/

    Mmm one should take a before and after shot of ones bags – like, before the challenge and after :p

    • Yay, always good to hear I’m not alone in what I find necessary to carry around with me.

      I do have before screenshots but made the editorial decision not to post them because even I was surprised at some of the “junk” I had :p

  3. I agree, Cinder and Z had a really fun challenge this week!

    • Definitely, I love being nosy and seeing what other people carry around as well. So in awe of all the neat and organised bags though. I need to hire a declutterer I think.

  4. I still have ‘Huge Gnoll Claw’ in the bag of the first Alliance character of mine to kill Hogger.

    The character that did Loremaster pre-Cata has a pile of no longer obtainable quest items and rewards.

    Baby Blizzard Bear? Yup. And Onyxian Whelpling, and Lil KT, and … who knows what else. Troll sweat, voodoo dolls, and rep tokens from old school ZG; stacks of arrows in case I run out of ammo; stones or shards or whatever they were from the pre-LK Scourge invasions … junk, really, but it’s fun to look back and remember. 🙂

    • Nothing wrong by celebrating your first Hogger kill by keeping his claw. I wish they hadn’t removed so much from the game. So many of my favourite transmogrifications are no longer in game.

      My rogue has shameful bags. I have a bit of a pickpocketing obsession and when you’ve just stolen a rose off someone or a gnome effigy how can you get rid of it?

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