Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

So favourite things, what makes us play WoW? Ive tried to quit several times, my most successful quittage lasted all of eight days so what keeps me logging on?

Now I play with my boyfriend (cute but badtempered gnome rogue) so in part WoW wins out because its the only game we can play together. First person shooters ( the games he chooses to play when hes gaming but not wowing) give me motion sickness so are out of the question and nothing else seems to have the longetivy.

I like the variety, pre-TBC, when i wasnt raiding i spent most of my time hanging out in Felwood or Un’goro picking herbs and just talking to guildmates/friends. Now when im not pvping i still enjoy exploring the zones, just wandering around picking flowers or leveling alts.

Although there are only 4 battlegrounds, each one is unique in the sense that each game you play whilst utilising the same terrain pits you against different and adapting opponents. That i think is in part what keeps the game fresh for me. Whilst its a long time ago since i made my very first toon, a gnome mage called “Cutiepie” on my boyfriends account (we needed to see if it would make me feel sick before he would get 2 accounts), the game still doesnt feel stale.

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