Heroic Nexus

As a direct result of a drink and anger fueled Horde Hunting spree at around 5am on the morning of the 1st we ended up in Coldarra. Since there was a distinct lack of Horde, we were looking for other things to do and the idea of 2 manning at least the first boss in Heroic Nexus was suggested.

It turns out at least 3 (Grand Magus Telestra, Ormorok the Tree-Shaper and Commander Kolurg) are killable with only a tank and healer. Ok it takes a while, around 6 to 10 minutes per boss but there is none of the annoyance factor when your PuG members are dancing on icicles or running into whirlwinds. 

Other places on the list of things to 2 man are Molten Core (although we have to wait for the next patch), ZG (I always wanted a raptor) and the rest of the Nexus.

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