Hearts and Flowers

If this is the new Horde, can we have the old one back please.

Someone  needs to tell the Orcs that big flower filled garlands really don’t go with extra large metal spikes. They send mixed messages really and that’s never a good look.

Heads, hearts and other gooey bits look fine skewered on your steel plated Keep, plants (unless poisonous) are a definite no no. It’s time to hang the Interior Designer from one of those currently empty pointy bits.

Bonfires on the other hand are good.  They could be better if you were at least burning someone in effigy (Varian for example) or just plain burning someone but at least they seem a bit more in keeping with the building. Why go to the hassle of making something which looks aggressive, bad tempered and quite frankly dangerous and then spoil the whole effect with flowers.

3 Responses

  1. Um.. maybe they’re murderous flowers? Or the orcs are quite simply confused. You may have to set them straight. Some man-eating plants might work out better.

    Oh, and I’m alliance – but you’re welcome to burn Varian Wrynn any day. He’s about as likable as your Garrosh…

    • Garlands of Venus fly traps, scaled up of course and perhaps slightly altered by the Forsaken would definitely be an improvement.

      Burning both Varian and Garrosh together would probably do more to cement peace between factions than anything Thrall and Jaina have done so far.

  2. Well since you’re mainly alliance that’s actually meant to read that “they’re welcome to burn Varian Wrynn any day”, and “their Garrosh” 🙂

    That’s what happens when I comment on stuff past 1 am *lol*

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