I woke up this morning to discover I’d been tagged by Windsoar in a screenshot meme originally created by Gnomeaggedon.

My first thought went something like this “Screenshots yay!” but then I read the small print.

  • Find your screenshot folders
  • Open the sixth sub-folder. If you have such a thing, I just have various screenshot folders left over from every attempt I’ve ever made to quit the game. (Well deleting WoW is one thing, deleting years of screenshots another entirely) and choose the sixth image.
  • Post the image along with a few words about why it happens to be in your screenshot folder.
  • Find six other bloggers, invite them to play and link to them.
After making a few whimpering noises and whilst praying the dice wouldn’t land on some of the more suspect conversions I may have screenshotted for amusement and the potential bribery of a raidleader or two, I plucked up the courage to have a look.

Because I have more than one but less than six screenshot folders, I picked one at random with my eyes shut. On opening them and checking out the sixth image this is what confronted me.

A picture of my second favourite Nightelf in-game. From her name, to her shiny bruise blue armour to the fact that she’s obviously consoling Jaina in some (hopefully horizontal)  fashion, I’ve been a fan ever since I first hit Theramore on my very first character.

Ok, so now that’s the dubious insight into my character over and done with, here comes the hard part – finding six other people that haven’t already been tagged. This was slightly problematic since the first names which came to mind had already been lasso’d by those sneaky American and Australian types who posted whilst I was sleeping as well as by any Europeans who got up earlier than me (which this morning was probably everyone!). However after a few minutes spent with my feedreader and the assumption that everyone who plays has a screenshot folder, here are my six.

19 Responses

  1. There are some characters in WoW that I wish would get a bit more of a back-story.. or story at all. This is one of them!

    • Me too. I mean her name can’t possibly be Pained, it hardly fits with the rest of the Elvish names. So it has to be nickname but why? I hope that when Theramore gets attacked we learn more and more importantly, I hope she survives.

  2. I looked her up and there was a lot of lore speculation about her, I’ll have to go back to it, she seems an interesting sort!

  3. Ahh! I’m scared to look and see what the sixth shot is, lol. That is a lovely picture, nice name too XD

  4. Guilty of being a sneaky Australian!

  5. […] Sixth « Harpy’s Nest Blog […]

  6. Nothing wrong with being a sneaky Australian.

    • Given how awesome your cooking programs are, I think I secretly want to be one.

      My Kitchen Rules and Australian Masterchef are two of my favourite shows. Our Masterchef is a shop bought sandwich in soggy bread compared to yours 😦

  7. One great thing about WoW is the fact that there are so many NPCs that we can grow to enjoy and love. Each NPC has their own story, and it’s nice to get to know them.

    Great post!

    • There is definitely a lot of NPCs I’d love to know more about, especially those who seem to be hanging around in odd places doing nothing. Every expansion I hope a bit more of their story will be exposed but it never is.

  8. I took the challenge~! I’ve posted my 6th one too ^^ Thankyou for challenging me aswell, it’s nice to be thought of 😀 ❤

  9. Embarassingly, I’ve finally got around to responding to your flattering tag.

    I appreciate the notice and regret all the activity I missed out on!

    • Nothing embarrassing about it, real life stuff always takes precedent over WoW. I’m glad you did join in though.

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